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14 June 2021

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Recent races    More...
20/06NC1Bel National Championships Belgium (Waregem) R.R.1. VAN AERT Wout
20/06NC1Fra National Championships France (Epinal) R.R.1. CAVAGNA Rémi
20/06NC1Slo National Championships Slovenia (Koper) R.R.1. MOHORIC Matej
20/06NC1Ita National Championships Italy (Imola) R.R.1. COLBRELLI Sonny
20/06NC2Col National Championships Colombia (Pereira) R.R.1. CALA CALA Aristobulo
20/06NC2Den National Championships Denmark (Give) R.R.1. WÜRTZ SCHMIDT Mads
20/06NC2Ger National Championships Germany (Filderstadt) R.R.1. SCHACHMANN Maximilian
20/06NC2Esp National Championships Spain (La Nucia) R.R.1. FRAILE MATARRANZ Omar
20/06NC2Ned National Championships Netherlands (Drijber) R.R.1. ROOSEN Timo
20/06NC3Usa National Championships United States (Knoxville) R.R. (prov.)1. ROSSKOPF Joey
20/06NC3Svk National Championships Slovakia (Banovce) R.R.1. SAGAN Peter
20/06NC3Cze National Championships Czech Republic (Banovce,SVK) R.R.1. KUKRLE Michael
20/06NC3Nor National Championships Norway (Kristiansand) R.R.1. FOSS Tobias Svendsen
20/06NC3Aut National Championships Austria Kufstein) R.R.1. KONRAD Patrick
20/06NC3Rus National Championships Russia (Penza) R.R.1. NYCH Artem
20/06NC3Pol National Championships Poland (Kartuzy) R.R.1. PATERSKI Maciej
20/06NC3Sui National Championships Switzerland (Knutwil) R.R.1. DILLIER Silvan
20/06NC3Por National Championships Portugal (Castelo Branco) R.R.1. FERNANDES Jose Carlos Prates Neves
20/06NC4Swe National Championships Sweden (Tierp Arena) R.R.1. HILLERSTRÖM RUNDH Victor
20/06NC4Cro National Championships Croatia (Primosten) R.R.1. POTOCKI Viktor

Upcoming Races
23/062.2sCan (Tour de Beauce), Stage 1 :
23/062.2sPol Course de Solidarnosc et des Champions Olympiques, Stage 2 : Kutno - Plock
23/062.2sPol Course de Solidarnosc et des Champions Olympiques, Stage 1 : Pabianice - Lodz
23/062.2sPor Volta ao Alentejo, Stage 1 :
24/061.1Ita Giro dell'Appennino
24/062.2sSrb (Tour de Serbie), Stage 1 :
24/062.2sCan (Tour de Beauce), Stage 2 :
24/062.2sPol Course de Solidarnosc et des Champions Olympiques, Stage 3 : Koluszki - Sieradz
24/062.2sPor Volta ao Alentejo, Stage 2 :
25/062.2sSrb (Tour de Serbie), Stage 2 :
25/062.2sCan (Tour de Beauce), Stage 3 :
25/062.2sPol Course de Solidarnosc et des Champions Olympiques, Stage 4 : Tomaszow Mazowiecki - Kielce

Recently updated races More...
19/06NCT2Ger National Championships Germany (Öschelbronn) I.T.T.1. MARTIN Tony
20/06NCT4Gua National Championships Guatemala (Quetzaltenango) I.T.T.1. RODAS OCHOA Manuel Oseas
20/06NC5Geo National Championships Georgia () R.R.1. SITCHINAVA Nika
19/06NC5Isl National Championships Iceland (Thingvellir) R.R.1. OMARSSON Ingvar
20/06NC4Lux National Championships Luxembourg (Harlange) R.R.1. GENIETS Kévin

Waiting For
20/06NC4Ven National Championships Venezuela () R.R.
20/06NC5Mkd National Championships North-Macedonia () R.R.
20/06NC5Mne National Championships Montenegro () R.R.
20/06NC5Gre National Championships Greece () R.R.
20/06NC5Kos National Championships Kosovo () R.R.

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Current CQ Ranking More...
1.SLO ROGLIC Primoz3387
2.SLO POGACAR Tadej2701
3.BEL VAN AERT Wout2256
4.ECU CARAPAZ MONTENEGRO Richard Antonio1596
5.COL BERNAL GOMEZ Egan Arley1585
7.NED VAN DER POEL Mathieu1404
9.RUS VLASOV Aleksandr1278
10.AUS PORTE Richie1202
11.IRL BENNETT Sam1196
12.FRA DEMARE Arnaud1174
13.GER SCHACHMANN Maximilian1156
14.DEN FUGLSANG Jakob1076
15.CAN WOODS Michael1048
16.ITA CARUSO Damiano1028
17.FRA GAUDU David1004
18.GBR YATES Adam992
19.GBR YATES Simon991
20.POR ALMEIDA Joao Pedro Gonçalves985

Rider Ranking 2021 More...
1.SLO POGACAR Tadej1589
2.COL BERNAL GOMEZ Egan Arley1449
3.BEL VAN AERT Wout1308
4.NED VAN DER POEL Mathieu907
5.SLO ROGLIC Primoz881

Victory Ranking 2021 More...
2.FRA DEMARE Arnaud8

Current Team Ranking More...
1.Gbr INEOS Grenadiers11726
2.Bel Deceuninck - Quick Step11626
3.Ned Jumbo - Visma10538
4.Uae UAE Team Emirates8950
5.Kaz Astana - Premier Tech7183

Team Ranking 2021 More...
1.Gbr INEOS Grenadiers7882
2.Bel Deceuninck - Quick Step7122
3.Ned Jumbo - Visma4943
4.Uae UAE Team Emirates4876
5.Kaz Astana - Premier Tech4572

Country Ranking More...
1.Bel Belgium8342
2.Fra France8066
3.Slo Slovenia7605
4.Esp Spain7035
5.Ita Italy6769

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