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10 November 2019

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Recent races    More...
18/112.1sChn Tour of Fuzhou, Stage 2 : Langqi Hongguang Lake Park - Langqi Hongguang Lake Park (prov.)1. TOWNSEND Rory
17/112.1sChn Tour of Fuzhou, Stage 1 : Ma Wei - Ku Liang (prov.)1. DAVIDENOK Ilya
17/112.2Sen Tour du Sénégal, General classification (prov.)1. MUNYANEZA Didier
17/112.2sSen Tour du Sénégal, Stage 7 : Dakar - Dakar (prov.)1. LIENERT Thomas
16/112.2sSen Tour du Sénégal, Stage 6 : Saint-Louis - Pire Goureye (prov.)1. CULLY Jan Andrej
15/112.2sSen Tour du Sénégal, Stage 5 : Thiès - Saint-Louis (prov.)1. BENEDIX Anton
14/112.2sSen Tour du Sénégal, Stage 4 : Ngaparou - Ngaparou (prov.)1. KELLER Hermann
13/112.2sSen Tour du Sénégal, Stage 3 : Fatick - Nguéniène (prov.)1. KELLER Hermann
11/112.2sSen Tour du Sénégal, Stage 2 : Ziguinchor - Kolda (prov.)1. CULLY Jan Andrej
10/112.2Chn Tour of Quanzhou Bay, General classification1. CAVANAGH Ryan
10/112.2Ina Tour de Singkarak, General classification1. EWART Jesse
10/111.2Jpn Tour de Okinawa1. MASUDA Nariyuki
10/112.2sSen Tour du Sénégal, Stage 1 : Kolda - Ziguinchor (prov.)1. LIENERT Thomas
10/112.2sChn Tour of Quanzhou Bay, Stage 3 : Yongchun - Beixi1. LYU Xianjing
10/112.2sIna Tour de Singkarak, Stage 9 : Painan - Padang1. AZMAN Muhammad Zawawi
9/112.2sIna Tour de Singkarak, Stage 8 : Sungai Penuh - Painan1. NOVARDIANTO Jamalidin
9/112.2sChn Tour of Quanzhou Bay, Stage 2 : Shishi - Fengze1. RICE Matthew
8/112.2sChn Tour of Quanzhou Bay, Stage 1 : Jinjiang - Quanzhou1. KONONENKO Mykhaylo
8/112.2sIna Tour de Singkarak, Stage 7 : Kayu Aro - Kerinci1. GANJKHANLOU Mohammad
7/112.2sIna Tour de Singkarak, Stage 6 : Singkarak - Solok Selatan1. LIM Rustom Cabanilla

Upcoming Races
19/112.1sChn Tour of Fuzhou, Stage 3 : Binjiang Binhai Road - Qinjiang Manchu
20/112.1sChn Tour of Fuzhou, Stage 4 : Lianjiang - Lianjiang
21/112.1sChn Tour of Fuzhou, Stage 5 : Fuqing - Fuqing
22/112.1sChn Tour of Fuzhou, Stage 6 : Yong Tai - Yun Ding
23/112.1Chn Tour of Fuzhou, General classification
23/112.1sChn Tour of Fuzhou, Stage 7 : Xiaotangshan Culture Center - Xiaotangshan Culture Center
14/121.2Crc GP Comite Olímpico Nacional
16/122.2sCrc Vuelta a Costa Rica, Stage 1 :
17/122.2sCrc Vuelta a Costa Rica, Stage 2 :
18/122.2sMas Tour of Selangor, Stage 1 :
18/122.2sCrc Vuelta a Costa Rica, Stage 3 :
19/122.2sMas Tour of Selangor, Stage 2 :

Recently updated races More...
3/111.2Cub Caribbean Championships - Road Race1. NODARSE FERNANDEZ Felix
2/111.2Cub Caribbean Championships - Time Trial1. HOPKINS Kaden
6/112.2sIna Tour de Singkarak, Stage 5 : Payakumbuh - Embun Pagi Agam1. CARCUEVA Jonel
5/112.2sIna Tour de Singkarak, Stage 4 : Dharmasraya - Sawahlunto1. RAILEANU Cristian
4/112.2sIna Tour de Singkarak, Stage 3 : Limapuluhkota - Pagang Panjang1. GROSPE Ismael Jr.

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Current CQ Ranking More...
1.SLO ROGLIC Primoz3235
4.COL BERNAL GOMEZ Egan Arley2214
5.DEN FUGLSANG Jakob2067
6.GER ACKERMANN Pascal1822
8.ITA VIVIANI Elia1711
9.NOR KRISTOFF Alexander1606
10.SVK SAGAN Peter1582
11.SLO POGACAR Tadej1519
12.ITA TRENTIN Matteo1478
13.NED MOLLEMA Bauke1446
14.GBR YATES Adam1435
15.AUS EWAN Caleb1376
16.NED VAN DER POEL Mathieu1365
17.KAZ LUTSENKO Alexey1302
18.BEL WELLENS Tim1288
19.GER BUCHMANN Emanuel1278
20.COL QUINTANA ROJAS Nairo Alexander1257

Rider Ranking 2019 More...
1.SLO ROGLIC Primoz3235
4.COL BERNAL GOMEZ Egan Arley2214
5.DEN FUGLSANG Jakob2067

Victory Ranking 2019 More...
2.SLO ROGLIC Primoz13

Current Team Ranking More...
1.Bel Deceuninck - Quick Step14181
2.Ned Team Jumbo - Visma12637
3.Ger Bora - Hansgrohe12363
4.Gbr Team INEOS11560
5.Kaz Astana Pro Team10803

Team Ranking 2019 More...
1.Bel Deceuninck - Quick Step14281
2.Ned Team Jumbo - Visma12642
3.Ger Bora - Hansgrohe12368
4.Gbr Team INEOS11560
5.Kaz Astana Pro Team10821

Country Ranking More...
1.Bel Belgium10616
2.Ita Italy10021
3.Fra France9712
4.Ned Netherlands9403
5.Esp Spain8823

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