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2016 Hitec Products
 25/09/20161.NENor 12Fana (Bergen) [Norges Cup]0 
 7/09/20162.NEsIrl 12Rás na mBan, Stage 1: Kilkenny - Kilkenny0 
 4/09/20162.1sNed DNFBoels Rental Ladies Tour, Stage 6: Bunde - Valkenburg0 
 3/09/20162.1sNed 72Boels Rental Ladies Tour, Stage 5: Tiel - Tiel0 
 2/09/20162.1sNed 70Boels Rental Ladies Tour, Stage 4: Den Bosch - Den Bosch0 
 1/09/20162.1sNed 73Boels Rental Ladies Tour, Stage 3: Sittard - Sittard0 
 31/08/20162.1sNed -Boels Rental Ladies Tour, Stage 2: Gennep - Gennep T.T.T.0 
 30/08/20162.1sNed 72Boels Rental Ladies Tour, Stage 1: Tiel - Tiel0 
 21/08/20161.WWTSwe 88Crescent Vargarda3 
 19/08/20161.WWTSwe DNFCrescent Vargarda T.T.T.6 
 14/08/20162.1Nor 59Ladies Tour of Norway0 
 14/08/20162.1sNor 54Ladies Tour of Norway, Stage 3: Svinesund - Halden0 
 13/08/20162.1sNor 60Ladies Tour of Norway, Stage 2: Mysen - Sarpsborg0 
 12/08/20162.1sNor 67Ladies Tour of Norway, Stage 1: Halden - Fredrikstad0 
 2/08/20161.NEBel 20Kapellen0 
 30/07/20161.WWTGbr DNFPrudential RideLondon Grand Prix0 
 28/07/20161.NEBel 13Herentals Fietst0 
 24/07/20161.WWTFra DNFLa Course by Le Tour de France (Paris)0 
 17/07/20162.2Bel 97BeNe Ladies Tour0 
 17/07/20162.2sBel 87BeNe Ladies Tour, Stage 3: Zelzate - Zelzate0 
 16/07/20162.2sBel 77BeNe Ladies Tour, Stage 2b: Sint Laureins I.T.T.0 
 16/07/20162.2sBel 92BeNe Ladies Tour, Stage 2a: Sint Laureins - Sint Laureins0 
 15/07/20162.2sBel 106BeNe Ladies Tour, Stage 1: Philippine - Philippine0 
 13/07/20161.NEBel 9Arendonk0 
 10/07/20161.NEBel 14Borgerhout0 
 9/07/20161.NEBel 10Moerzeke (Hamme)0 
 26/06/2016NC2Nor 12National Championships Norway (Bodø) R.R.7 
 5/06/20161.2Bel 43Zuidkempense Ladies Classic0 
 15/05/20161.NENor 10Gylne Gutuer Ottestad [Norges Cup]0 
 13/05/20162.2sChn 69Tour of Zhoushan Island, Stage 3: Chongming - Chongming0 
 12/05/20162.2Chn 63Tour of Zhoushan Island0 
 12/05/20162.2sChn 54Tour of Zhoushan Island, Stage 2: Shengsi - Shengsi0 
 11/05/20162.2sChn 69Tour of Zhoushan Island, Stage 1: Zhoushan - Zhoushan0 
 8/05/20162.WWTChn 83Tour of Chongming Island4 
 8/05/20162.WWTsChn 78Tour of Chongming Island, Stage 3: City Circuit Race0 
 7/05/20162.WWTsChn 90Tour of Chongming Island, Stage 2: Chongxi0 
 6/05/20162.WWTsChn 76Tour of Chongming Island, Stage 1: Chongdong0 
 30/04/20161.2Gbr 69The Women's Tour de Yorkshire Race0 
 24/04/20161.NENor 13Grenland [Norges Cup]0 
 23/04/20161.NENor 4SystemKjøkken Grand Prix Kermes (Skien)0 
 17/04/20161.2Ned 84Ronde van Gelderland0 
 9/04/20161.NENed 10Rotterdam0 
 7/04/20162.2sNed DNFEnergiewacht Tour, Stage 2: Winsum - Winsum0 
 6/04/20162.2sNed -Energiewacht Tour, Stage 1: Groningen - Groningen T.T.T.0 
 28/03/20161.NENed 8Ronde van Ureterp0 
  Total 2016: 20  

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