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NED BUGTER Luuc10/07/199313133069495 Trainee as from 7/08
BEL DE BIE Sean03/10/199193957130451 
BEL DE BONDT Dries04/07/1991106846354199
BEL DE WITTE Mathias29/03/19937618483370
BEL DEVOLDER Stijn29/08/197974685126933  
BEL D'HEYGERE Gil30/03/1998----  Trainee as from 2/08
NED DUYN Huub01/09/1984197321192335 
NED GODRIE Stan09/01/1993--24935 
BEL GOOLAERTS Michael24/07/1994199310113542 
BEL JASPERS Jappe01/09/1998----Contract until 20/03
LTU KRUOPIS Aidis26/10/1986117338140825 
BEL LEYSEN Senne18/03/1996169716124735 
BEL LIVYNS Arjen01/09/1994121436183614Contract from 1/03
BEL MERLIER Tim30/10/1992499142434168 
BEL SEYE Guillaume28/11/1996---- Trainee as from 2/08
BEL STEELS Stijn21/08/1989107945173615
AUS TANNER David30/09/1984---- 
BEL VAN AERT Wout15/09/199410949288597Contract until 30/09
BEL VAN BREUSSEGEM Elias10/04/199228402140026  
BEL WAEYTENS Zico29/09/199110444899353 
  Number of riders: 20  

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(D) Current points (on 13/12/2018).

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