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NED BERKENBOSCH Maint17/04/197710404324455  
NED BLOKS Hans07/12/1982148622142424  
NED BOS Marco05/07/197911313791555  
NED BROUWER Gijs16/03/198731721--  
NED BRUS Marco06/06/198723217164517 
NED DE BEKKER Maurice27/05/1989----  
NED FRANSEN Ruud01/06/1986--196211  
NED HARMS Jos30/03/1984125531-- 
NED HASSINK Arne12/08/1984108840167616  Contract until 31/07
NED HELMANTEL Adriaan15/04/1981195911119634 
NED KUSTERS Yvo09/06/198629642147922  
NED LENFERINK Maarten23/07/198130791--  
NED SCHULTING Peter19/08/1987169216-- 
NED VAN BLANKEN Mart16/05/1988----  
NED VAN DER SANDEN Geert20/08/198826055--  
NED VAN KESSEL Egon09/10/198518561324565  
  Number of riders: 16  

(A) Ranking at the beginning of 2008.
(B) Points at the beginning of 2008.
(C) Ranking at the end of 2008).
(D) Points at the end of 2008).

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