ITA RICCO Riccardo
  01/09/1983 UCI ID: 10002489951  
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2011Cro Meridiana - Kamen TeamCONT131624AllPoints
→ Contract from 4/06
Ned Vacansoleil - DCM Pro Cycling TeamPRO
→ Contract until 25/04
2010Ned Vacansoleil Pro Cycling TeamPCT44756AllPoints
→ Contract from 1/09
Irl Ceramica Flaminia - Bossini DoccePCT
→ Contract from 18/03 until 31/08
2008Esp Scott - American BeefPRO54726AllPoints
→ Contract until 18/07
2007Esp Saunier Duval - ProdirPRO201136AllPoints
2006Esp Saunier Duval - ProdirPRO135400AllPoints
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Riccardo RICCO tested positive for EPO-Cera in the Tour de France in July 2008. After he admitted the use of doping, he was suspended by the Italian Federation until 30 July 2010: he received 18 months suspension for using EPO, and an additional 6 months for having consulted doctor Carlos Santuccione. Because of his active cooperation, the CAS reduced the ban to 20 months, until 17 March 2010.
In February 2011, Ricco was provisionally suspended by his team, after he was suspected of an illegal blood transfusion. In April 2012, he has been suspended for 12 years by the Italian federation, until 18 January 2024.
For illegal trade in prohibited substances in 2015, his suspension was extended to a ban for life in December 2020.


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