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NZL ARBUCKLE Libby12/08/1999--8516  
NZL CATTERICK Georgia22/11/1997--27453 
AUS MATTHEWS Amelia2001----  
NZL MCMULLEN Rylee19/07/1995--7279  
NZL MERRICK Jenna25/02/2000--50320  
NZL O'BRIEN Connie22/10/2000--8077  
NZL PAINE Deborah16/02/1997--33938  
NZL SMITH Emma1999----  
 Junior Riders
NZL BARTRAM Hannah23/03/2001----  
NZL NIGHTINGALE Stella14/02/2001----  
  Number of riders: 10  

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(D) Current points (on 13/01/2019).

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