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Sports Director: FISCHER Thad (USA)
Representative: BOLYEA Anne (USA)
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      Rider   Date of birth   A   B   C   D           Comments
USA BAMBERGER Sarah20/09/1974----  
USA BEARD Clara07/01/1984---- 
NZL CHEATLEY (SELL) Catherine06/04/19831444914078  
USA FISHER-GOODWIN (BENJAMIN) Kelly07/05/1975--49111  
USA FRYE Elizabeth10/04/1969----  
CAN HOBSON Leigh10/08/197024621110111 
CAN HOLD Betina29/06/1970--25831  
NZL OURADA Brooke02/06/1977--5459  
USA RUITER Chrissy18/03/1979362813879  
AUS TZINBERG (O'CONNELL) Rachel31/12/1979334117843  
USA UHL Sarah01/08/1983----  
USA VAN GILDER Laura11/12/1964--99125 
 Riders, Not registered at UCI
USA LION (LITTLE) Alisha26/03/1981----  Not registered at UCI
  Number of riders: 13  

(A) Ranking at the beginning of 2007.
(B) Points at the beginning of 2007.
(C) Ranking at the end of 2007).
(D) Points at the end of 2007).

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