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  Date   Cat.       Rank   Race   CQ  
2014 Elite-2: Pearl Izumi Boot Out Breast Cancer
 3/08/2014XXGbr 7Commonwealth Games (Glasgow) R.R.0 
 31/07/2014XXGbr 5Commonwealth Games (Glasgow) I.T.T.0 
 29/06/2014NC1Gbr 6National Championships Great Britain (Monmouthshire) R.R.25 
 26/06/2014NCT1Gbr 2National Championships Great Britain (Monmouthshire) I.T.T.21 
 22/06/20141.NEGbr 1Curlew Cup (Stamfordham) [Women's Road Series]0 
 29/05/20141.NEGbr 1Edinburgh [Matrix Fitness GP Series]0 
 25/05/20141.NEGbr 1Milk Race (Nottingham)0 
 13/05/20141.NEGbr 1Stoke-on-Trent [Matrix Fitness GP Series]0 
 11/05/20142.1Gbr 41The Women's Tour3 
 11/05/20142.1sGbr 45The Women's Tour, Stage 5: Harwich - Bury-St.Edmunds0 
 10/05/20142.1sGbr 49The Women's Tour, Stage 4: Cheshunt - Welwyn Garden City0 
 9/05/20142.1sGbr 23The Women's Tour, Stage 3: Felixstowe - Clacton-on-Sea0 
 8/05/20142.1sGbr 16The Women's Tour, Stage 2: Hinckley - Bedford0 
 7/05/20142.1sGbr 66The Women's Tour, Stage 1: Oundle - Northampton0 
 27/04/20141.NEGbr 1Cheshire Classic [National RR Series]0 
 13/04/20142.2sNed DNFEnergiewacht Tour, Stage 5: Veendam - Veendam0 
 12/04/20142.2sNed 126Energiewacht Tour, Stage 4: Uithuizen - Uithuizen0 
 11/04/20142.2sNed 144Energiewacht Tour, Stage 3a: Eelde - Eelde0 
 11/04/20142.2sNed -Energiewacht Tour, Stage 3b: Oldambt - Oldambt T.T.T.0 
 10/04/20142.2sNed 135Energiewacht Tour, Stage 2: Westerwolde - Westerwolde0 
 9/04/20142.2sNed 87Energiewacht Tour, Stage 1: Delfzijl - Delfzijl0 
  Total 2014: 49  

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