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  Date   Cat.       Rank   Race   CQ  
2018 Wiggle - High5
 23/09/2018WCTTAut DNFWorld Championships (Innsbruck) T.T.T.21 
 11/08/20181.WWTSwe 5Crescent Vargarda T.T.T.18 
 22/07/20182.1Bel 3BeNe Ladies Tour69 
 21/07/20182.1sBel 3BeNe Ladies Tour, Stage 2b: Sint-Laureins I.T.T.7 
 19/07/20182.1sNed leaderBeNe Ladies Tour, Prologue Oosterhout5 
 19/07/20182.1sNed 1BeNe Ladies Tour, Prologue Oosterhout18 
  Total 2018: 138  
2017 Team WNT Pro Cycling
 29/07/20171.WWTGbr 80Prudential RideLondon Classique3 
 25/06/2017NC1Gbr 2National Championships Great Britain (Isle of Man) R.R.42 
 22/06/2017NCT1Gbr 3National Championships Great Britain (Isle of Man) I.T.T.18 
 11/06/20172.WWTGbr 18Women's Tour16 
 11/06/20172.WWTsGbr 5Women's Tour, Stage 5: London4 
 9/06/20172.WWTsGbr 7Women's Tour, Stage 3: Atherstone - Royal Leamington Spa1 
 21/05/20172.1Esp 30Emakumeen Bira3 
 18/05/20172.1sEsp 6Emakumeen Bira, Stage 2: Markina-Xemein1 
 17/05/20172.1sEsp 2Emakumeen Bira, Stage 1: Iurreta11 
 30/04/20172.1Lux 33Festival Luxembourgeois du Cyclisme Féminin Elsy Jacobs3 
 28/04/20172.1sLux 4Festival Luxembourgeois du Cyclisme Féminin Elsy Jacobs, Prologue: Luxembourg4 
 11/03/20172.2sEsp 3Setmana Ciclista Valenciana, Stage 4: Valencia4 
 10/03/20172.2sEsp 3Setmana Ciclista Valenciana, Stage 3: Alicante4 
  Total 2017: 114  
2015 Elite-2: Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International
 28/06/2015NC1Gbr 6National Championships Great-Britain (Lincoln) R.R.25 
 25/06/2015NCT1Gbr 6National Championships Great Britain (Cadwell Park) I.T.T.12 
  Total 2015: 37  
2014 Elite-2: Pearl Izumi Boot Out Breast Cancer
 29/06/2014NC1Gbr 6National Championships Great Britain (Monmouthshire) R.R.25 
 26/06/2014NCT1Gbr 2National Championships Great Britain (Monmouthshire) I.T.T.21 
 11/05/20142.1Gbr 41The Women's Tour3 
  Total 2014: 49  
2013 Elite-2
 20/06/2013NCT1Gbr 15National Championships Great Britain (Stewarton) I.T.T.1 
  Total 2013: 1  
  Overall total: 339  

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