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2017 Wiggle - High5
 8/09/20172.1sBel DNFLotto Belgium Tour, Stage 3: Geraardsbergen0 
 7/09/20172.1sBel 87Lotto Belgium Tour, Stage 2: Herselt0 
 6/09/20172.1sBel 107Lotto Belgium Tour, Stage 1: Ninove0 
 5/09/20172.1sBel 15Lotto Belgium Tour, Prologue: Nieuwpoort (I.T.T.)0 
 26/08/20171.WWTFra DNFGP Plouay - Lorient Agglo0 
 23/07/20171.NEGbr 14Newton Longville Festival of Cycling Grand Prix [National RR Series]0 
 20/07/20171.WWTFra OOTLa Course by Le Tour de France (Briançon - Izoard)0 
 16/07/20172.1Bel 82BeNe Ladies Tour0 
 16/07/20172.1sBel 95BeNe Ladies Tour, Stage 3: Zelzate - Zelzate0 
 15/07/20172.1sBel 25BeNe Ladies Tour, Stage 2b: Sint-Laureins (I.T.T.)0 
 15/07/20172.1sBel 99BeNe Ladies Tour, Stage 2a: Sint-Laureins - Sint-Laureins0 
 14/07/20172.1sBel 94BeNe Ladies Tour, Stage 1: Vlissingen - Philippine0 
 13/07/20172.1sBel 13BeNe Ladies Tour, Prologue: Vlissingen (I.T.T.)0 
 25/06/2017NC1Gbr 46National Championships Great Britain (Isle of Man) R.R.0 
 22/06/2017NCT1Gbr 21National Championships Great Britain (Isle of Man) I.T.T.0 
 7/05/20172.WWTChn 80Tour of Chongming Island4 
 7/05/20172.WWTsChn 79Tour of Chongming Island, Stage 3: Chongxi - Chongxi0 
 6/05/20172.WWTsChn 97Tour of Chongming Island, Stage 2: Chongdong - Chongdong0 
 5/05/20172.WWTsChn 90Tour of Chongming Island, Stage 1: Chongming Xin Cheng Park - Chongming Xin Cheng Park0 
 19/03/20171.WWTIta DNFTrofeo Alfredo Binda - Comune di Cittiglio0 
 11/03/20172.2Esp 76Semana Ciclista Valenciana0 
 11/03/20172.2sEsp 101Semana Ciclista Valenciana, Stage 4: Valencia0 
 10/03/20172.2sEsp 60Semana Ciclista Valenciana, Stage 3: Alicante0 
 9/03/20172.2sEsp 100Semana Ciclista Valenciana, Stage 2: Gandia0 
 8/03/20172.2sEsp 4Semana Ciclista Valenciana, Stage 1: Vila-real (T.T.T.)0 
 4/03/20171.WWTIta DNFStrade Bianche0 
 26/02/20171.1Bel 83Omloop van het Hageland (Tielt-Winge]0 
 28/01/20171.2Aus 53Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race0 
 17/01/20172.2Aus 63Santos Women's Tour0 
 17/01/20172.2sAus 92Santos Women's Tour, Stage 4: Adelaide, Victoria Park0 
 16/01/20172.2sAus 64Santos Women's Tour, Stage 3: Tanunda - Lyndoch0 
 15/01/20172.2sAus 87Santos Women's Tour, Stage 2: Adelaide, East End0 
 14/01/20172.2sAus 72Santos Women's Tour, Stage 1: Hahndorf - Meadows0 
  Total 2017: 4  

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