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2015 Hitec Products - UCK
 13/09/20151.1Fra 15Chrono Champenois - Trophée Européen7 
 6/09/20152.1sNed DNFBoels Holland Ladies Tour, Stage 6: Bunde - Valkenburg0 
 5/09/20152.1sNed 87Boels Holland Ladies Tour, Stage 5: Gennep - Gennep0 
 4/09/20152.1sNed 54Boels Holland Ladies Tour, Stage 4: Oosterhout I.T.T.0 
 3/09/20152.1sNed 89Boels Holland Ladies Tour, Stage 3: Tiel - Tiel0 
 2/09/20152.1sNed 93Boels Holland Ladies Tour, Stage 2: Tiel - Tiel0 
 1/09/20152.1sNed 101Boels Holland Ladies Tour, Stage 1: Zeddam - 's-Heerenberg0 
 21/08/2015CDMSwe DNFOpen de Suède Vargarda T.T.T.11 
 15/08/20152.2sNor OOT Ladies Tour of Norway, Stage 1: Strømstad - Halden0 
 2/08/2015CDMGer DNFSparkassen Giro0 
 19/07/20152.2Fra 61Tour de Bretagne Féminin0 
 19/07/20152.2sFra 71Tour de Bretagne Féminin, Stage 4: Plonéour-Lanvern - Pouldreuzic0 
 18/07/20152.2sFra 73Tour de Bretagne Féminin, Stage 3: Plédran - Yffiniac0 
 17/07/20152.2sFra 52Tour de Bretagne Féminin, Stage 2: Pipriac I.T.T.0 
 16/07/20152.2sFra 67Tour de Bretagne Féminin, Stage 1: Plaudren - Grand Champ0 
 25/06/2015NCT2Nor 6National Championships Norway (Brumunddal) I.T.T.5 
 14/06/20151.NENor 19Eidsvollrittet [Norges Cup]0 
 22/05/20152.2Chn 50Tour of Zhoushan Island0 
 22/05/20152.2sChn 52Tour of Zhoushan Island, Stage 3: Shengsi - Shengsi0 
 21/05/20152.2sChn 47Tour of Zhoushan Island, Stage 2: Shengsi - Shengsi0 
 20/05/20152.2sChn 57Tour of Zhoushan Island, Stage 1: Shengsi - Shengsi0 
 17/05/2015CDMChn 88Tour of Chongming Island World Cup3 
 15/05/20152.1Chn 73Tour of Chongming Island0 
 15/05/20152.1sChn 84Tour of Chongming Island, Stage 3: City Circuit Race0 
 14/05/20152.1sChn 93Tour of Chongming Island, Stage 2: Chongxi0 
 13/05/20152.1sChn 79Tour of Chongming Island, Stage 1: Chongbei0 
 26/04/20151.1Bel 91Dwars door de Westhoek0 
 11/04/20152.2sNed DNFEnergiewacht Tour, Stage 3: Stadskanaal - Stadskanaal0 
 10/04/20152.2sNed 105Energiewacht Tour, Stage 2b: Westerkwartier - Westerkwartier0 
 10/04/20152.2sNed -Energiewacht Tour, Stage 2a: Peize - Peize T.T.T.0 
 9/04/20152.2sNed 108Energiewacht Tour, Stage 1: Westerwolde - Westerwolde0 
 8/04/20152.2sNed 104Energiewacht Tour, Prologue: Winsum - Winsum I.T.T.0 
  Total 2015: 26  

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