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  Date   Cat.       Rank   Race   CQ  
2010 Elite-2
 12/09/20101.NEDen 19Lyngby [Bikebuster Dame Cup]0 
 5/09/20102.2Ned 110Holland Ladies Tour0 
 5/09/20102.2sNed 101Holland Ladies Tour, Stage 7: Hellendoorn - Hellendoorn0 
 4/09/20102.2sNed 119Holland Ladies Tour, Stage 6: Rijssen I.T.T.0 
 4/09/20102.2sNed 102Holland Ladies Tour, Stage 5: Rijssen - Rijssen0 
 3/09/20102.2sNed 125Holland Ladies Tour, Stage 4: Diepenheim - Diepenheim0 
 2/09/20102.2sNed 97Holland Ladies Tour, Stage 3: Gieten - Gieten0 
 1/09/20102.2sNed 152Holland Ladies Tour, Stage 2: Leende - Leende0 
 31/08/20102.2sNed 146Holland Ladies Tour, Stage 1: Nuenen - Gerwen0 
 29/08/20101.NEDen 1Thorsager [Bikebuster Dame Cup]0 
 10/07/20102.NESwe 2U6 Cycle Tour0 
 10/07/20102.NEsSwe 10U6 Cycle Tour, Stage 6: I.T.T.0 
 9/07/20102.NEsSwe 18U6 Cycle Tour, Stage 50 
 8/07/20102.NEsSwe leaderU6 Cycle Tour, Stage 40 
 8/07/20102.NEsSwe 11U6 Cycle Tour, Stage 40 
 7/07/20102.NEsSwe leaderU6 Cycle Tour, Stage 30 
 7/07/20102.NEsSwe 1U6 Cycle Tour, Stage 30 
 5/07/20102.NEsSwe 6U6 Cycle Tour, Stage 1: I.T.T.0 
 26/06/2010NC2Den 18National Championships Denmark (Hobro) R.R.2 
 24/06/2010NCT2Den 6National Championships Denmark (Hobro) I.T.T.5 
 24/05/20102.NEDen 18Pinse Cuppen [Bikebuster Dame Cup]0 
 23/05/20102.NEsDen 12Pinse Cuppen [Bikebuster Dame Cup], Stage 2: Viborg I.T.T.0 
 22/05/20102.NEsDen 17Pinse Cuppen [Bikebuster Dame Cup], Stage 1: Silkeborg0 
  Total 2010: 7  

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