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  Date   Cat.       Rank   Race   CQ  
2009 Elite-2: Vanderkitten Racing
 7/06/20091.1Usa 62Liberty Classic0 
 27/05/20091.NEUsa 2Folsom Criterium0 
 25/05/20091.NEUsa 6Memorial Day Criterium0 
 5/04/20091.NEUsa 7Santa Cruz Classic Criterium0 
 8/03/20091.NEUsa 2Menlo Park Grand Prix0 
 1/03/20091.NEUsa 12Merco Credit Union - Foothills Road Race0 
 28/02/20091.NEUsa 17Merco Credit Union - Downtown Grand Prix0 
  Total 2009: 0  
2008 Elite-2: Proman/Paradigm Women's Cycling Team (Contract from 15/04)
 31/08/20081.NEUsa 8Dunnigan Hills Road Race0 
 9/08/2008NC1Usa 49National Championships United States (Orange County) R.R.0 
 29/06/20081.NEUsa 9Chevron Manhattan Beach Grand Prix [NRC]0 
 14/06/20081.NEUsa 6Pescadero Coastal Classic (NCNCA Champ.)0 
 8/06/20081.1Usa 27Commerce Bank Liberty Classic0 
 18/05/20082.2Usa 46Mt. Hood Cycling Classic [NRC]0 
 18/05/20082.2sUsa 21Mt. Hood Cycling Classic [NRC], Stage 5: Hood River Criterium0 
 17/05/20082.2sUsa 40Mt. Hood Cycling Classic [NRC], Stage 4: Wy'East Road Race0 
 16/05/20082.2sUsa 63Mt. Hood Cycling Classic [NRC], Stage 3: Scenic Gorge I.T.T.0 
 15/05/20082.2sUsa 52Mt. Hood Cycling Classic [NRC], Stage 2: Cooper Spur Circuit Race0 
 14/05/20082.2sUsa 51Mt. Hood Cycling Classic [NRC], Stage 1: Mt. Tabor Criterium0 
 13/05/20082.2sUsa 55Mt. Hood Cycling Classic [NRC], Prologue: Portland0 
  Total 2008: 0  
  Overall total: 0  

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