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2024 Boneshaker Project presented by Roxo
 10/03/20242.1sEsa DNSVuelta a El Salvador, Stage 2: Antiguo Cuscatlan - Estadio Magico Gonzalez0 
 9/03/20242.1sEsa 75Vuelta a El Salvador, Stage 1: Malecon - Nahuizalco0 
 8/03/20242.1sEsa 6Vuelta a El Salvador, Prologue: Palacio Nacional I.T.T.1 
 4/03/20241.1Esa 27Grand Prix Suf City El Salvador1 
  Total 2024: 2  
2023 Elite-2: Grouwels - Watersley R&D
 22/10/2023XXChi 6Pan American Games (Santiago) I.T.T.0 
 16/09/20231.1Can 39Tour de Gatineau0 
 15/09/20231.1Can 15Chrono Féminin de la Gatineau7 
 1/09/20232.2UFra 41Tour de l'Avenir Femmes0 
 1/09/20232.2UsFra 37Tour de l'Avenir Femmes, Stage 5: Saint-Gervais Mont Blanc - Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise0 
 31/08/20232.2UsFra 52Tour de l'Avenir Femmes, Stage 4: Challes-les-Eaux - Megève0 
 30/08/20232.2UsFra 51Tour de l'Avenir Femmes, Stage 3: Saint-Didier-sur-Chalaronne - Val-d'Épy0 
 29/08/20232.2UsFra 69Tour de l'Avenir Femmes, Stage 2: Charolles - Louhans-Châteaurenaud0 
 28/08/20232.2UsFra 26Tour de l'Avenir Femmes, Stage 1: Saint-Vallier - Saint-Vallier0 
 25/06/2023NC2Can 25National Championships Canada (Edmonton) R.R.0 
  Total 2023: 7  
2022 Elite-2: The Cyclery Racing
 27/06/20221.NECan 9National Championships Canada (Edmonton) Criterium0 
 26/06/2022NC2Can 5National Championships Canada (Edmonton) R.R.16 
 23/06/2022NCT2Can 3National Championships Canada (Beaumont) I.T.T.10 
 25/05/20222.1Usa 11Joe Martin Stage Race26 
 22/05/20222.1sUsa 11Joe Martin Stage Race, Stage 4: Fayetteville Criterium0 
 21/05/20222.1sUsa 6Joe Martin Stage Race, Stage 3: Devil's Den State Park I.T.T.1 
 20/05/20222.1sUsa 13Joe Martin Stage Race, Stage 2: Fayetteville - Mount Sequoyah0 
 19/05/20222.1sUsa 10Joe Martin Stage Race, Stage 1: Fayetteville - Fayetteville0 
 20/02/20222.NEUsa 9Valley of the Sun0 
 20/02/20222.NEsUsa 4Valley of the Sun, Stage 3: Hiser Joy Criterium0 
 19/02/20222.NEsUsa 8Valley of the Sun, Stage 2: SafecoInsurance R.R.0 
  Total 2022: 53  
2021 InstaFund Racing
 27/06/20212.NEUsa 8Tour of America's Dairyland0 
 27/06/20212.NEsUsa 11Tour of America's Dairyland, Stage 10: Cafe Hollander Tosa Village Classic Wauwatosa Village0 
 26/06/20212.NEsUsa 16Tour of America's Dairyland, Stage 9: Washington Highlands neighborhood Wauwatosa0 
 25/06/20212.NEsUsa 8Tour of America's Dairyland, Stage 8: Shorewood0 
 23/06/20212.NEsUsa 8Tour of America's Dairyland, Stage 6: Tour of Hartland0 
 22/06/20212.NEsUsa 6Tour of America's Dairyland, Stage 5: Manitowoc Maritime Bay Classic 20 
 21/06/20212.NEsUsa 4Tour of America's Dairyland, Stage 4: Manitowoc Maritime Bay Classic 10 
 19/06/20212.NEsUsa 9Tour of America's Dairyland, Stage 3: Giro d'Grafton0 
 18/06/20212.NEsUsa 13Tour of America's Dairyland, Stage 2: Janesville Town Square 20 
 17/06/20212.NEsUsa 16Tour of America's Dairyland, Stage 1: Janesville Town Square 10 
  Total 2021: 0  
2019 Elite-2
 12/07/20191.NECan 9PoCo Grand Prix [BC Superweek]0 
 12/05/20191.NECan 1Stieda Classic Criterium (Edmonton)0 
 11/05/20191.NECan 5Stieda Classic R.R. (Edmonton)0 
  Total 2019: 0  
2018 Elite-2
 6/08/20182.NECan 7Tour De Bowness0 
 6/08/20182.NEsCan 7Tour De Bowness, Stage 3: Criterium0 
 5/08/20182.NEsCan 6Tour De Bowness, Stage 2: Hill Clim I.T.T.0 
 4/08/20182.NEsCan 8Tour De Bowness, Stage 1: Road Race0 
  Total 2018: 0  
  Overall total: 62  

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