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  Date   Cat.       Rank   Race   CQ  
2019 Elite-2: Colavita - Bialetti
 2/09/20192.NEsUsa 18The Gateway Cup (St Louis) [PRT], Stage 4: Benton Park Classic0 
 1/09/20192.NEsUsa 19The Gateway Cup (St Louis) [PRT], Stage 3: Giro Della Montagna0 
 31/08/20192.NEsUsa 14The Gateway Cup (St Louis) [PRT], Stage 2: Tour de Francis Park0 
 30/08/20192.NEsUsa 16The Gateway Cup (St Louis) [PRT], Stage 1: Tour de Lafayette0 
 25/08/20192.1Usa 21Colorado Classic12 
 25/08/20192.1sUsa 18Colorado Classic, Stage 4: Denver0 
 24/08/20192.1sUsa 22Colorado Classic, Stage 3: Golden0 
 23/08/20192.1sUsa 18Colorado Classic, Stage 2: Avon0 
 22/08/20192.1sUsa 29Colorado Classic, Stage 1: Steamboat Springs0 
 10/08/20191.NEUsa 20Benchmark Twilight Cycling Classic (West Chester) [USA Crits Series]0 
 3/08/20191.NEUsa 12Littleton Twilight Criterium [USA Crits Series]0 
 27/07/20191.NEUsa 14San Rafael Sunset Criterium [USA Crits Series]0 
 20/07/20191.NEUsa 16Salt Lake Criterium [USA Crits Series]0 
 13/07/20191.NEUsa 10ASWD Twilight Criterium (Boise) [PRT]0 
 7/06/20192.NEsUsa 14Saint Francis Tulsa Tough [PRT], Stage 1: McNellie's Group Blue Dome Criterium0 
 2/06/20192.NEUsa 5Johnson City Omnium0 
 2/06/20192.NEsUsa 9Johnson City Omnium, Stage 3: Criterium0 
 1/06/20192.NEsUsa 8Johnson City Omnium, Stage 2: Ballad Health I.T.T.0 
 1/06/20192.NEsUsa 2Johnson City Omnium, Stage 1: Carter County Roan Groan Road Race0 
 27/05/20191.1Usa 43Winston Salem Cycling Classic [PRT]0 
 25/05/20191.NEUsa 16Winston Salem Cycling Criterium [PRT]0 
 1/05/20191.NEUsa 11Downtown Walterboro Criterium0 
 27/04/20191.NEUsa 14Athens Twilight Criterium [USA Crits Series]0 
 26/04/20191.NEUsa 11Spartanburg Regional Healthcare0 
 2/02/2019NC2Col 23National Championships Colombia (Puerto Lůpez - Villavicencio) R.R.0 
  Total 2019: 12  

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