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  Date   Cat.       Rank   Race   CQ  
2020 Elite-2: Team Customized Cycling BioPlus
 8/02/2020NC2Rsa 18National Championships South Africa (Mpumalanga) R.R.2 
  Total 2020: 2  
2017 Elite-2
 19/11/20171.1Rsa 11Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge12 
  Total 2017: 12  
2015 Elite-2
 29/08/2015CDMFra 53GP de Plouay - Bretagne3 
 3/05/20151.2Rsa 1Hibiscus Cycle Classic40 
 27/04/20151.2Rsa 1PMB Road Classic40 
 7/02/2015NC2Rsa 4National Championships South Africa (Mbombela) R.R.18 
 5/02/2015NCT2Rsa 2National Championships South Africa (Mbombela) I.T.T.12 
  Total 2015: 113  
2014 Elite-2
 9/02/2014NC2Rsa 2National Championships South Africa (Durban) R.R.24 
 6/02/2014NCT2Rsa 4National Championships South Africa (Durban) I.T.T.8 
  Total 2014: 32  
2012 Lotto - Belisol Ladies
 22/09/2012WCRRNed 50World Championships (Valkenburg) R.R.5 
 5/08/20122.1sFra 1La Route de France, Stage 2: Dunkerque - Noeux-les-Mines20 
 22/07/20122.2Fra 20Tour Féminin en Limousin3 
 14/07/20122.2sFra 4Tour de Bretagne Féminin, Stage 3: La Chapelle-Bouëxic - Guignen2 
 7/07/2012GTIta 50Giro d'Italia Femminile5 
 29/04/20122.1Lux 28Festival Luxembourgeois du Cyclisme Féminin Elsy Jacobs5 
 29/04/20122.1sLux 5Festival Luxembourgeois du Cyclisme Féminin Elsy Jacobs, Stage 2: Mamer (GP Nicolas Franz)3 
 22/04/20121.1Bel 18GP Stad Roeselare4 
 2/04/20121.2Bel 20Grand Prix de Dottignies1 
 3/03/2012NC2Rsa 8National Championships South Africa (Nelspruit) R.R.11 
 1/03/2012NCT2Rsa 1National Championships South Africa (Nelspruit) I.T.T.20 
 3/02/20122.1Qat 26Ladies Tour of Qatar7 
  Total 2012: 86  
2011 Lotto - Honda Team
 13/11/2011CC3Eri 2African Championships (Asmara) R.R.12 
 11/11/2011CCT3Eri 1African Championships (Asmara) I.T.T.10 
 24/09/2011WCRRDen 34World Championships (Copenhagen) R.R.5 
 11/09/20112.1Ned 14Profile Ladies Tour20 
 8/09/20112.1sNed 5Profile Ladies Tour, Stage 3: Breda - Breda3 
 10/07/2011GTIta 39Giro d'Italia Femminile5 
 15/05/2011CDMChn 16Tour of Chongming Island World Cup13 
 13/05/20112.1Chn 27Tour of Chongming Island6 
 11/05/20112.1sChn 7Tour of Chongming Island, Stage 1: Chongbei1 
 17/04/20111.2Ned 10Ronde van Gelderland9 
 16/04/2011CDMNed 23Ronde van Drenthe6 
 5/02/2011NC2Rsa 3National Championships South Africa (Port Elizabeth) R.R.21 
 3/02/2011NCT2Rsa 1National Championships South Africa (Port Elizabeth) I.T.T.20 
  Total 2011: 131  
2010 MTN (Contract from 20/07)
Elite-2: Nashua Ladies Pro Cycling Team (Contract until 19/07)
 28/08/20102.2Fra 20Trophée d'Or Féminin3 
 28/08/20102.2sFra 5Trophée d'Or Féminin, Stage 6: Sancoins - Saint-Amand-Montrond1 
 21/08/2010CDMFra 37GP de Plouay - Bretagne3 
 14/08/20102.1Fra 35La Route de France3 
 28/02/20102.2Nzl 7Women's Tour of New Zealand23 
 24/02/20102.2sNzl 3Women's Tour of New Zealand, Stage 1: Martinborough - Masterton4 
 19/02/2010NC2Rsa 1National Championships South Africa (Klerksdorp) R.R.40 
 17/02/2010NCT2Rsa 4National Championships South Africa (Klerksdorp) I.T.T.8 
  Total 2010: 85  
2009 MTN
 8/11/2009CC3Nam 2African Championships (Windhoek) R.R.12 
 21/04/20092.1Chn 12Tour of Chongming Island26 
 21/04/20092.1sChn 4Tour of Chongming Island, Stage 4: Chongbei5 
 20/04/20092.1sChn 7Tour of Chongming Island, Stage 3: Chongdong1 
 12/03/2009NCT2Rsa 6National Championships South Africa (Oudtshoorn) I.T.T.5 
 10/03/2009NC2Rsa 3National Championships South Africa (Oudtshoorn) R.R.21 
  Total 2009: 70  
2008 Elite-2: MTN
 10/08/2008WCRRChn 59Olympic Games (Beijing) R.R.5 
 11/05/2008NC2Rsa 1National Championships South Africa (East London) R.R.40 
 9/05/2008NCT2Rsa 4National Championships South Africa (East London) I.T.T.8 
 29/04/20082.2Chn 7Tour of Chongming Island23 
 29/04/20082.2sChn 1Tour of Chongming Island, Stage 4: Chongbei10 
 28/04/20082.2sChn 2Tour of Chongming Island, Stage 3: Chongdong6 
 26/04/20082.2sChn 3Tour of Chongming Island, Stage 1: City Criterium4 
  Total 2008: 96  
  Overall total: 627  

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