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2022Fra Elite-2: Team Bertin - Cognac - Sport'investEUR-0AllPoints
2019Bel Doltcini - Van Eyck SportUCI32848AllPoints
2018Bel Doltcini - Van Eyck SportUCI33139AllPoints
Guest rider for St Michel - Auber 93
Guest rider for VC St Julien en Genevois
2017Fra Elite-2: VC St Julien en GenevoisEUR34132AllPoints
2016Ita Servetto - FootonUCI23661AllPoints
→ Contract until 16/05
2015Fra Elite-2: Team Féminin Région CentreEUR21454AllPoints
2014Fra Elite-2: Team Féminin Région CentreEUR30829AllPoints
2013Fra Bourgogne Pro DialogUCI41515AllPoints
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Marion Sicot has been sanctioned with two years without a license after her positive control by EPO on June 27, 2019 as confirmed by the French Anti-Doping Agency (AFLD). The rider belonged at the time to the Belgian team Doltcini where she barely recorded remarkable results except for a ninth place in the French Championship where the anomalous event took place. She was suspended from July 18, 2019 and with his appeal she was able to reduce the four-year penalty to half that which will end on July 18, 2021. According to his lawyer Antoine Woimant, this case is related to the sexual harassment lawsuit against its former director, Belgian Marc Bracke. Sicot sought more earnestly to improve his performance and achieve sporting performances from which he wanted to escape from these unhealthy relationships... It is in this especially difficult context, which cannot be ignored, that Marion has decided to resort to doping», added the AFLD in its decision. According to the runner’s account, Bracke asked her, in October 2018, to send her photos in her underwear so he could check her weight weekly. "He told me to delete them later, but I can’t know for sure". The French woman brought a number of conversations between the two sides to justice and claimed that she had given up taking prohibited substances to win back her boss’s favor.


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