L39ion of Los Angeles
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2023Usa Elite-2: L39ion of Los AngelesAME13021AllPoints
2022Usa Elite-2: L39ion of Los AngelesAME-0AllPoints
2021Usa Elite-2: LA SweatAME-0AllPoints
2020Usa Elite-2: LA SweatAME-0AllPoints
2019Usa Elite-2: Capital Wealth Advisors p/b TrekAME-0AllPoints
2018Usa Elite-2: ISCorp p/b Progess SoftwareAME52317AllPoints
2017Usa Elite-2: ISCorp p/b Progress SoftwareAME24848AllPoints
→ Contract from 26/04
Usa Team IlluminateUCI
→ Contract until 25/04
2016Usa Elite-2: ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice MRIAME38426AllPoints
2015Usa Elite-2: ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice MRIAME-0AllPoints
2014Usa Team TIBCO - To The TopUCI23641AllPoints
2013Usa Team TIBCO - To The TopUCI-0AllPoints
2012Usa Team TIBCO - To The TopUCI24440AllPoints
2011Usa Team TIBCO - To The TopUCI38814AllPoints
2010Usa Team TIBCO - To The TopUCI-0AllPoints
2009Usa Elite-2: Team Type 1AME-0AllPoints
2008Usa Elite-2: Colavita - Sutter Home p/b Cooking LightAME-0AllPoints
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