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15/06/2021 1.2Bel Dwars door het Hageland (Aarschot - Diest)  
25/06/20216/06/20212.1Sui  Tour de Suisse WomenStages 
36/06/2021 1.1Bel Dwars door de Westhoek (Boezinge) [Lotto Cycling Cup]  
49/06/2021 1.NEBel Schellebelle - GP De Wielkeszuigers  
59/06/202113/06/20212.2Gua Vuelta Femenina a GuatemalaStages 
611/06/2021 NCT3Pan National Championships Panama () I.T.T.  
711/06/2021 NCT2Mex National Championships Mexico () I.T.T.  
812/06/2021 NC2Mex National Championships Mexico () R.R.  
912/06/2021 1.NEBel Nokere  
1012/06/2021 NCT3Isr National Championships Israel (Beit Guvrin) I.T.T.  
1112/06/202113/06/20212.2Srb Belgrade GP Woman TourStages 
1213/06/2021 NC3Pan National Championships Panama () R.R.  
1313/06/2021 1.1Bel SPAR Flanders Diamond Tour (Nijlen) [Lotto Cycling Cup]  
1413/06/2021 NCT3Esa National Championships El Salvador () I.T.T.  
1513/06/2021 NCT3Gua National Championships Guatemala () I.T.T.  
1613/06/2021 NCT3Biz National Championships Belize () I.T.T.  
1715/06/2021 NCT2Blr National Championships Belarus (Great Stone Park, Minsk) I.T.T.  
1815/06/2021 1.NENor National Championships Norway (Evje) T.T.T.  
1916/06/2021 NCT1Bel National Championships Belgium (Ingelmunster) I.T.T.  
2016/06/2021 NCT1Ned National Championships Netherlands (Emmen) I.T.T.  
2116/06/2021 NCT2Sui National Championships Switzerland (Lausanne) I.T.T.  
2216/06/2021 NCT1Rus National Championships Russia (Penza) I.T.T.  
2316/06/2021 NCT3Kaz National Championships Kazakhstan (Petropavlovsk) I.T.T.  
2416/06/2021 NCT3Lat National Championships Latvia (Riga) I.T.T.  
2516/06/2021 NCT3Isl National Championships Iceland (Thorlakshöfn) I.T.T.  
2616/06/2021 NCT3Ecu National Championships Ecuador (Aloburo) I.T.T.  
2717/06/2021 NCT2Col National Championships Colombia (Risaralda) I.T.T.  
2817/06/2021 NCT1Fra National Championships France (Thaon-les-Vosges - Épinal) I.T.T.  
2917/06/2021 NCT1Usa National Championships United States (Knoxville) I.T.T.  
3017/06/2021 NCT2Pol National Championships Poland (Kartuzy) I.T.T.  
3117/06/2021 NCT2Slo National Championships Slovenia (Koper) I.T.T.  
3217/06/2021 NCT3Cze National Championships Czech Republic (Banovce, SVK) I.T.T.  
3317/06/2021 NCT3Svk National Championships Slovakia (Banovce) I.T.T.  
3417/06/2021 NCT2Den National Championships Denmark (Give) I.T.T.  
3517/06/2021 NCT3Est National Championships Estonia (Valga) I.T.T.  
3617/06/2021 NCT3Hun National Championships Hungary (Bocskaikert) I.T.T.  
3717/06/2021 NCT2Nor National Championships Norway (Evje) I.T.T.  
3817/06/2021 NCT2Lux National Championships Luxemburg (Harlange) I.T.T.  
3918/06/2021 NC2Col National Championships Colombia (Pereira) R.R.  
4018/06/2021 NCT1Esp National Championships Spain (Busot) I.T.T.  
4118/06/2021 NCT1Ita National Championships Italy (Faenza) I.T.T.  
4218/06/2021 1.NEUsa USA Cycling Pro Criterium National Championships (Knoxville)  
4318/06/2021 NCT3Por National Championships Portugal (Vila Velha de Rodão) I.T.T.  
4418/06/2021 NC2Blr National Championships Belarus (Minsk) R.R.  
4518/06/2021 NCT3Cro National Championships Croatia (Zadar) I.T.T.  
4618/06/2021 NCT3Ven National Championships Venezuela (Maracay) I.T.T.  
4718/06/2021 NCT3Gre National Championships Greece (Larissa) I.T.T.  
4818/06/2021 NC3Ecu National Championships Ecuador (Aloburo) R.R.  
4918/06/2021 NCT3Fin National Championships Finland (Vantaa) I.T.T.  
5018/06/2021 1.NERus National Championships Russia Mixed Relay (Penza)  
5119/06/2021 NC1Fra National Championships France (Grand-Champ) R.R.  
5219/06/2021 NC1Ned National Championships Netherlands (Wijster) R.R.  
5319/06/2021 NC1Esp National Championships Spain (La Nucia) R.R.  
5419/06/2021 NC3Gua National Championships Guatemala () R.R.  
5519/06/2021 NC2Pol National Championships Poland (Kartuzyj) R.R.  
5619/06/2021 NC3Isr National Championships Israel (Beit Guvrin) R.R.  
5719/06/2021 NC3Por National Championships Portugal (Castelo Branco) R.R.  
5819/06/2021 NC3Cze National Championships Czech Republic (Banovce - SVK) R.R.  
5919/06/2021 NC3Svk National Championships Slovakia (Banovce) R.R.  
6019/06/2021 NC3Est National Championships Estonia (Valga) R.R.  
6119/06/2021 NCT3Aut National Championships Austria (Kufstein) I.T.T.  
6219/06/2021 NC3Cro National Championships Croatia (Primosten) R.R.  
6319/06/2021 NC2Lux National Championships Luxemburg () R.R.  
6419/06/2021 NCT1Ger National Championships Germany (Gäufelden-Stuttgart) I.T.T.  
6519/06/2021 NC2Swe National Championships Sweden (Tierp Arena) R.R.  
6619/06/2021 NCT3Grn National Championships Grenada () I.T.T.  
6719/06/2021 NCT3Sxm National Championships Sint Maarten () I.T.T.  
6819/06/2021 NCT3Tur National Championships Turkey (Konya) I.T.T.  
6919/06/2021 NCT3Mne National Championships Montenegro () I.T.T.  
7019/06/2021 NCT3Bul National Championships Bulgaria (Nikola Kozlevo) I.T.T.  
7119/06/2021 NC3Fin National Championships Finland (Vantaa) R.R.  
7220/06/2021 NC1Bel National Championships Belgium (Waregem) R.R.  
7320/06/2021 NC3Esa National Championships El Salvador () R.R.  
7420/06/2021 NC2Sui National Championships Switzerland (Knutwil) R.R.  
7520/06/2021 NC1Ita National Championships Italy (Monopoli - Castellana Grotte) R.R.  
7620/06/2021 NC1Usa National Championships United States (Knoxville) R.R.  
7720/06/2021 NC1Rus National Championships Russia (Penza) R.R.  
7820/06/2021 NC2Slo National Championships Slovenia () R.R.  
7920/06/2021 NC3Biz National Championships Belize () R.R.  
8020/06/2021 NC3Kaz National Championships Kazakhstan () R.R.  
8120/06/2021 NC3Lat National Championships Latvia (Valga-Estonia) R.R.  
8220/06/2021 NC2Den National Championships Denmark (Give) R.R.  
8320/06/2021 NC3Hun National Championships Hungary () R.R.  
8420/06/2021 NC2Nor National Championships Norway () R.R.  
8520/06/2021 NC3Aut National Championships Austria () R.R.  
8620/06/2021 NC3Ven National Championships Venezuela () R.R.  
8720/06/2021 NC3Gre National Championships Greece () R.R.  
8820/06/2021 NC1Ger National Championships Germany (Stuttgart) R.R.  
8920/06/2021 NC3Grn National Championships Grenada () R.R.  
9020/06/2021 NC3Sxm National Championships Sint Maarten () R.R.  
9120/06/2021 NC3Tur National Championships Turkey () R.R.  
9220/06/2021 NC3Bul National Championships Bulgaria () R.R.  
9321/06/2021 NC3Isl National Championships Iceland () R.R.  
9422/06/202125/06/20212.1Bel Lotto Belgium TourStagesURL
9526/06/2021 1.WWTFra La Course by Le Tour de France (Brest - Landerneau)  

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