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  Nbr       Rider   Kilometers   RaceDays   CQ  
1NOR ABRAHAMSEN Jonas3.264,102043
2NOR ANDERSEN Idar918,9055
3NOR FOSS Tobias Svendsen254,0020
4NOR HEGGØ Andrè198,1010
5NOR HOELGAARD Markus3.469,9021138
6NOR HOLTER Aadne831,0060
7NOR HVIDEBERG Jonas Iversby1.408,4080
8NOR KULSET Kristian1.056,3060
9NOR KULSET Sindre226,0020
10NOR LEKNESSUND Andreas254,00266
11NOR RESELL Erik Nordsaeter3.067,80185
12NOR SAUGSTAD Lars1.260,3070
13NOR SKAARSETH Anders3.128,1019112
14NOR SKAARSETH Iver979,1060
15NOR SKJERPING Kristoffer2.919,701811
16NOR SLEEN Torjus968,90633
17NOR TRAEEN Torstein2.951,301815
18NOR URIANSTAD Martin Bugge918,9050

* Only races of category .1 or above and finished races are counted!

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