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  Nbr       Rider   Kilometers   RaceDays   CQ  
1MGL ALTANSUKH Altanzul4.881,90340
2COL BALSERO BERNAL Daniel Fernando2.180,50149
3CHN BAO Wenqiang000
4MGL BOLORERDENE Enkhtaivan4.320,50300
5COL COLORADO HERNANDEZ Francisco Jarley4.881,9034105
6MGL ERDENESUREN Munkhtulga4.751,30330
7COL LOPEZ GIL Vladimir Yesid4.916,403536
8COL PARRA BUSTAMANTE Edwin Arnulfo4.881,903446
9CHN QIAO Feng000
10CHN WANG Hanpeng000
11CHN YAN Wenlong000
12CHN ZHANG Chunlong198,0018
13CHN ZHANG Tao000
14CHN ZHI Rendong000

* Only races of category .1 or above and finished races are counted!

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