Fra Auber 93 (AUB) - CONT
Sports Director: JAVALET Stéphane (FRA)
Ass. Sports Director: GALLOPIN Guy (FRA); GAUDRY Stéphan (FRA)
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  Nbr       Rider   Kilometers   RaceDays   CQ  
1FRA BACON Romain534,4040
2FRA BACQUET Fabien5.741,6034114
3FRA BROUZES Niels5.002,20298
4FRA CHEDHOMME Morgan3.895,20245
5FRA GALLOPIN Tony7.226,304670
6FRA HADDOU Nadir7.115,904283
7FRA LE BOULCH Dimitri3.329,60200
8FRA LEMARCHAND Romain1.752,40120
9FRA MAZET Julien8.398,2049106
10FRA MEDEREL Maxime8.295,8049183
11FRA MOMBAERTS Johan7.457,904465
12FRA THIRE Jonathan7.608,80455

* Only races of category .1 or above and finished races are counted!

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