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  Date       Rider   Cat.       Race  
 22/08/2021ROU TVETCOV SergheiNC4Rou National Championships Romania (Salacea) R.R. 
 20/08/2021ROU TVETCOV SergheiNCT4Rou National Championships Romania (Salacea) I.T.T. 
 10/07/2021USA HOEHN Alex1.2Tur GP Erciyes 
  Total: 3  
  Second Places  
 5/12/2021USA JASTRAB Ryan2.1sTha Tour of Thailand, Stage 5 : Trang - Satun 
 12/09/2021USA HOEHN Alex2.2sSrb Tour de Serbia, Stage 4 : Prijepolje - Cacak 
 5/09/2021ROU TVETCOV Serghei2.1Rou Turul al Romaniei / Romanian Tour 
 8/05/2021USA HOEHN Alex2.1sRwa Tour du Rwanda, Stage 7 : Kigali - Mur de Kigali I.T.T. 
 2/05/2021USA HOEHN Alex2.1sRwa Tour du Rwanda, Stage 1 : Kigali - Rwamagana 
 4/04/2021MEX CASTILLO SOTO Ulises Alfredo2.2Tur Tour of Mevlana 
 21/02/2021USA HOEHN Alex1.2Tur GP Velo Alanya 
  Total: 7  
  Third Places  
 12/09/2021ROU TVETCOV Serghei2.2sSrb Tour de Serbia, Stage 4 : Prijepolje - Cacak 
 2/09/2021ROU TVETCOV Serghei2.1sRou Turul al Romaniei / Romanian Tour, Stage 2 : Deva - Paltinis 
 10/07/2021USA GRANIGAN Noah1.2Tur GP Erciyes 
 9/05/2021USA HOEHN Alex2.1Rwa Tour du Rwanda 
 1/04/2021MEX CASTILLO SOTO Ulises Alfredo2.2sTur Tour of Mevlana, Stage 1 : Konya - Konya 
 6/03/2021USA GRANIGAN Noah1.2Tur GP Mediterranean 
  Total: 6  

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