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Sports Director: GIRAMONDO Agostino (AUS)
Representative: BREEKVELDT Jonathan (AUS)
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  Date       Rider   Cat.       Race  
 24/03/2013AUS SULZBERGER Bernard2.1Tpe Tour de Taiwan 
 27/01/2013AUS PALMER Thomas2.2sNzl New Zealand Cycle Classic, Stage 5 : Palmerston North, circuit race 
  Total: 2  
  Second Places  
 11/07/2013NED GOESINNEN Floris2.HCsChn Tour of Qinghai Lake, Stage 5 : Tianjun - Xihaizhen 
 25/04/2013AUS PHELAN Adam1.2UIta GP della Liberazione 
 6/04/2013AUS WALKER William2.2Tha Tour of Thailand 
 20/03/2013AUS SULZBERGER Bernard2.1sTpe Tour de Taiwan, Stage 3 : Changhua County - Changhua County 
 19/03/2013AUS SULZBERGER Bernard2.1sTpe Tour de Taiwan, Stage 2 : Tainan - Guanziling 
  Total: 5  
  Third Places  
 21/03/2013AUS SULZBERGER Bernard2.1sTpe Tour de Taiwan, Stage 4 : Taichung - Taichung 
 27/01/2013AUS WALKER William2.2Nzl New Zealand Cycle Classic 
 26/01/2013AUS WALKER William2.2sNzl New Zealand Cycle Classic, Stage 4 : Palmerston North - Top Saddle Road 
 25/01/2013AUS RUDOLPH Malcolm2.2sNzl New Zealand Cycle Classic, Stage 3 : Palmerston North - Palmerston North 
 23/01/2013AUS LAPTHORNE Darren2.2sNzl New Zealand Cycle Classic, Stage 1 : Palmerston North I.T.T. 
  Total: 5  

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