Usa Jelly Belly presented by Kenda (JBC) - CONT
Sports Director: VAN HAUTE Danny (BEL)
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  Date       Rider   Cat.       Race  
 24/04/2011USA HANSON Ken2.2sKor Tour de Korea, Stage 9 : Seoul, circuit race 
 17/03/2011AUS DICKESON WilliamCCTAus Oceania Cycling Championships (Dookie) I.T.T. 
  Total: 2  
  Second Places  
 3/11/2011USA HUFF Charles Bradley2.2sChn Tour of Taihu Lake, Stage 3 : Changshu - Changshu 
 18/04/2011USA HANSON Ken2.2sKor Tour de Korea, Stage 4 : Gunsan - Dangjin 
  Total: 2  
  Third Places  
 4/11/2011USA HANSON Ken2.2sChn Tour of Taihu Lake, Stage 4 : Jiangyin - Changshu 
  Total: 1  

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