Usa Kelly Benefit Strategies (KBS) - CONT
Sports Director: CARNEY Jonas (USA)
Ass. Sports Director: ERKER Jacob (USA)
Representative: AARON Charles (USA)
Riders Photos Podium spots Stats  

  Date       Rider   Cat.       Race  
 22/08/2010USA ANTHONY Jesse2.2Nor Festningsrittet 
  Total: 1  
  Second Places  
 19/09/2010USA CANDELARIO AlexNC2Usa National Championships United States (Greenville) R.R. 
 22/08/2010USA ANTHONY Jesse2.2sNor Festningsrittet, Stage 3 : Charlottenberg - Kongsvinger 
 21/08/2010USA ANTHONY Jesse2.2sNor Festningsrittet, Stage 2 : Kongsvinger - Kongsvinger 
 25/06/2010CAN BELL ZacharyNCT4Can National Championships Canada (Edmonton) I.T.T. 
 2/05/2010USA ANTHONY Jesse2.2Kor Tour de Korea 
 6/04/2010USA SHIRLEY Neil2.2sTha Tour of Thailand, Stage 5 : Ubol Ratchathani - Ubol Ratchathani 
 3/04/2010CAN ANDERSON Ryan2.2sUru Vuelta al Uruguay, Stage 9 : Pueblo Risso - San Jose 
 1/04/2010USA ZWIZANSKI Scott2.2sUru Vuelta al Uruguay, Stage 7b : Mercedes - Dolores I.T.T. 
 3/03/2010USA CANDELARIO Alex2.HCsMas Tour de Langkawi, Stage 3 : Pekan - Mersing 
  Total: 9  

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