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AUS AITKEN Jack31/05/1995--182810  
NZL BORRIE Morgan21/05/2003----  
MLT BUTTIGIEG Aidan18/07/1997--121527  Contract from 15/08
AUS COOPER William05/03/2004----  
AUS CROME Sam16/12/1993---- Contract until 31/07
AUS FLEMING Riley09/08/1999168111156915 
AUS HARRIGAN Lachlan11/07/1999----  Contract from 15/08
AUS IVORY Cameron26/04/199217351088652 
NZL KERGOZOU DE LA BOESSIERE Nicholas29/04/19962292428321 
AUS LUDMAN Joshua02/07/2004----  Contract until 25/03
AUS MAWDITT Lionel21/05/1995--90550  
AUS MCGOVERN Hunter02/07/2002----  Contract from 15/08
AUS MEDWAY Jackson15/10/2004--23525  Contract from 15/08
NZL PITHIE Campbell28/10/199919867--  Contract until 31/07
AUS REARDON Connor23/05/1999--24204  
AUS REES Brent22/08/1998----  Contract from 1/07
AUS RICE Matthew02/05/20002188525653  Contract from 7/06
AUS SENS Connor27/07/1999--175411  Contract from 1/07
AUS SUNDERLAND Dylan26/02/1996106232101340 Contract from 25/03
  Number of riders: 19  

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(B) Points at the beginning of 2023.
(C) Current ranking (on 27/11/2023).
(D) Current points (on 27/11/2023).

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