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NED APPEL Stijn14/11/1996--156415 
NED DEL GROSSO Bodi14/03/2001----  
NED DUBA Maxime02/10/2004----  
NED HEIJNEN Philip25/05/2000----  
NED HERBEN Luuk10/09/2000--25773  
NED JOHANNINK Jelle22/10/1996--130622  
FIN JUNTUNEN Antti-Jussi06/04/1999111530104138 Contract until 31/08
NED LOOHUIS Lars04/10/20001994728391  
GBR MACLEOD Callum08/03/2000167611127224 
LAT PLUTO Martins13/01/19987545963589 
NED RASCH Jesper22/03/199887745452142 
NED RASENBERG Martijn09/11/2001--114031  
NED SCHUCH Mike27/12/2002----  
NED SINSCHEK Nils24/06/19982072675469 
NED VAN DEN BROEK Frank28/12/2000--410160  Contract until 17/07
NED VAN SCHIP Jan-Willem20/08/199477356174411 
NED VAN ZANDEN Otto27/10/2004--24904  
NED VERBURG Luke12/05/2001--156515 
NED WEULINK Meindert15/05/1999103734108735  
  Number of riders: 19  

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(D) Points at the end of 2023).

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