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POR ANTUNES Amaro Manuel Reposo27/11/199029818921345  Contract until 27/07
POR BRANDAO Joni Silva20/11/1989437128-- Contract until 27/07
POR CALDEIRA Samuel Jose Rodrigues30/11/1985---- Contract until 27/07
POR FERNANDES Jose Carlos Prates Neves30/10/199542813182750  Contract until 27/07
POR GONÇALVES Jose Isidro Maciel13/02/198911892019507  Contract until 27/07
POR MAGALHAES Jorge Daniel Silva10/02/1997---- Contract until 27/07
POR MESTRE Daniel Jose Pereira01/04/1986145413--  Contract until 27/07
POR MESTRE Ricardo Jorge Correia11/09/1983122819-- Contract until 27/07
POR MOTA Guilherme Sousa12/07/2000----  Contract until 27/07
POR RODRIGUES Joao Pedro Lourenço15/11/199431118424243 Contract until 27/07
POR VILELA Ricardo Augusto Afonso18/12/1987118820171110 Contract until 27/07
POR VINHAS Rui Pedro Carvalho06/12/1986---- Contract until 27/07
  Number of riders: 12  

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(C) Ranking at the end of 2022).
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