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FRA BARRE Louis06/04/20001857756192  Contract until 31/07
FRA DANES Lťo09/12/19962161420666  
FRA GUEGAN MaŽl19/01/1998--88944 
FRA JEGAT Jordan07/06/199923293103934  
FRA JOALLAND YaŽl20/09/20001859724603 
FRA LE TURNIER Mathias14/03/1995---- 
FRA MARIAULT Axel07/06/19982566155094  
FRA MORIN Emmanuel13/03/199575153426131 
LUX PAQUET Tom28/06/2002--156014  
FRA RICHARD ANDRADE Florian30/03/2002----  
FRA RICHARD Louis08/01/199619336176410  
  Number of riders: 11  

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(D) Points at the end of 2022).

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