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ITA CANOLA Marco26/12/1988391141508106 Contract until 1/03
ITA CARBONI Giovanni31/08/1995245235257242 Contract until 1/03
RUS CHERKASOV Nikolay26/09/1996148912155912  Contract until 1/03
RUS CHERNETSKIY Sergey09/04/199041613353893  Contract until 1/03
ITA CONCI Nicola05/01/1997107326515104 Contract until 1/03
ESP DIAZ GALLEGO Jose Manuel18/01/199515733355889 Contract until 1/03
ITA FEDELI Alessandro02/03/199687140250247  Contract until 1/03
RUS KOCHETKOV Pavel07/03/1986116121112526 Contract until 1/03
CZE KUKRLE Michael17/11/1994359161294207  Contract until 1/03
NOR LUNDER Eirik09/06/19997385576755 Contract until 1/03
ITA MALUCELLI Matteo20/10/19937665152599 Contract until 1/03
RUS NEKRASOV Denis19/01/19976636586044  Contract until 1/03
RUS NYCH Artem21/03/1995290196451124 Contract until 1/03
ITA PICCOLO Andrea23/03/20017864981249  Contract until 1/03
RUS RIKUNOV Petr24/02/19979183695736 Contract until 1/03
CRC RIVERA SERRANO Kevin28/06/1998----  Contract until 1/03
RUS ROVNY Ivan30/09/19878414386643 Contract until 1/03
ITA SCARONI Christian16/10/19975748165970  Contract until 1/03
RUS STRAKHOV Dmitry17/05/19956456759781  Contract until 1/03
CZE VACEK Mathias12/06/20028784066270  Contract until 1/03
RUS ZAKARIN Ilnur15/09/1989330175448125 Contract until 1/03
  Number of riders: 21  

(A) Ranking at the beginning of 2022.
(B) Points at the beginning of 2022.
(C) Current ranking (on 22/05/2022).
(D) Current points (on 22/05/2022).

  Team Comment  

On 1 march 2022 the UCI revoked the license of Gazprom - RusVelo following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.


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