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NED BEUKEBOOM Dion02/02/1989110344178012 
NED BOVENHUIS Jasper27/07/1991114741187810 
NED BOVENHUIS Robert08/09/1987---- 
NED DE VRIES Hartthijs11/07/1996--178912 
NED DUVIGNEAU Beau15/04/1995---- 
NED HAVIK Yoeri19/02/199181772187910 
NED KOOIJMAN Jaap24/04/199330461-- 
NED OTTEVANGER Bas14/12/1998----
NED STROETINGA Wim23/05/1985102450-- 
NED VAN DEN DOOL Kelvin18/10/1995---- 
NED VAN DER BURG Joost11/12/199325405--  
NED VAN ZIJL Melvin10/12/1991---- 
NED WOLSINK Jelle11/11/199524655-- 
  Number of riders: 13  

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(D) Current points (on 17/11/2019).

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