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FRA BERNARD Enzo19/10/19972927230401  Trainee as from 1/08
ITA BONIFAZIO Niccolo29/10/1993296234104545 
FRA BOUDAT Thomas24/02/1994161392152427 
FRA BURGAUDEAU Mathieu17/11/1998158019129828 
FRA CALMEJANE Lilian06/12/19929756995596 
FRA CARDIS Romain12/08/199267199645108 
FRA COUSIN Jérôme05/06/198983969481146 
FRA FERRON Valentin08/02/1998--102048 Trainee as from 1/08
FRA GAUDIN Damien20/08/198628424371492 
FRA GENE Yohann25/06/198125634--  
FRA GRELLIER Fabien31/10/19948187290660 
FRA HIVERT Jonathan23/03/1985115514205319 
FRA JOURNIAUX Axel20/05/1995--24195 
NED LIGTHART Pim16/06/1988235285408172 
FRA NAULEAU Bryan17/03/1988179314175313 
FRA ORCEAU Clément01/07/19952124925704 Trainee as from 1/08
FRA OURSELIN Paul13/04/199486666546130 
FRA PETIT Adrien26/09/1990440163251270 
FRA PICHOT Alexandre06/01/1983122835145220 
FRA QUEMENEUR Perrig26/04/198417891423755 
FRA SELLIER Simon04/01/199519461124175 
FRA SICARD Romain01/01/19888137282272 
EST TAARAMÄE Rein24/04/1987185343204319  
NED TERPSTRA Niki18/05/1984271097101559 
FRA TULIK Angelo02/12/199054712777781 
FRA TURGIS Anthony16/05/199434720474717 
  Number of riders: 26  

(A) Ranking at the beginning of 2019.
(B) Points at the beginning of 2019.
(C) Ranking at the end of 2019).
(D) Points at the end of 2019).

  Team Comment  

In April 2019, the name of the main sponsor Direct Energie has been changed into Total Direct Energie.
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