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      Rider   Date of birth   A   B   C   D           Comments
AUT FEICHTEGGER Martin24/10/1978----  
AUT GRUBER Julian04/10/1997----  
AUT HAMMERSCHMID Marvin05/01/1996--29941  
AUT HAMMERSCHMID Raphael05/01/1996--26993  
AUT HOLLAND Michael10/04/2000---- 
AUT MASTALLER Stefan07/04/1995---- 
SLO PAJEK Luka17/07/19963067124115  Contract from 7/05
AUT UMHALLER Andreas20/02/1992----  
AUT UMHALLER Thomas06/07/1995----
AUT VIEHBERGER Lukas14/04/2000----  
  Number of riders: 10  

(A) Ranking at the beginning of 2019.
(B) Points at the beginning of 2019.
(C) Current ranking (on 23/11/2019).
(D) Current points (on 23/11/2019).

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