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UKR BUDYAK Anatoliy29/09/199580277127333  Contract until 4/07
UKR DESHKO Roman06/09/1998----  Contract from 4/07
UKR DUMA Pavlo26/01/1997----  Contract from 4/07
UKR DZHUS Volodymyr23/06/1993--161118  
UKR FREDYUK Volodymyr14/08/1992--29282  Contract from 4/07
UKR GLADYSH Roman12/10/1995--21429  Contract from 13/04
UKR GRETCHYN Sergiy09/06/197912033630671  Contract until 28/05
UKR KLEPIKOV Iliya02/02/1994--21778  
UKR KRYVYCH Oleksander08/09/1999----  Contract from 20/08
UKR MALEEV Timur16/02/1996--124135  
BEL MERCKEN Kenneth24/08/1976----  Contract from 13/04
UKR MOVCHAN Sergii29/10/1993169416--  
UKR MUSIIENKO Bohdan11/07/1997----  Contract from 17/05
UKR ROMANENKOV Valeriy29/09/1999----  Contract from 18/08
UKR ROZHONYUK Andriy27/04/1997----  Contract from 10/07
UKR SELIVERSOV Roman06/09/1996----  Contract until 10/02
UKR STROGUSH Viktor16/10/1998----  Contract until 16/05
UKR VASILYEV Maksym14/04/1990189911102350  
BEL WILLAERTS Niels31/03/1998----  Contract from 6/09
UKR ZUBAR Maksym05/05/1994----  Contract until 3/07
  Number of riders: 20  

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(B) Points at the beginning of 2018.
(C) Current ranking (on 20/11/2018).
(D) Current points (on 20/11/2018).

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