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CAN ANDERSON Ryan22/07/1987517132136727 
FRA BOUDAT Thomas24/02/1994345204286238 
FRA BURGAUDEAU Mathieu17/11/1998--170716 Trainee as from 28/07
FRA CALMEJANE Lilian06/12/199218333849894 
FRA CARDIS Romain12/08/1992117535607114 
FRA CHAVANEL Sylvain30/06/197911047790558 
FRA COQUARD Bryan25/04/1992111355318220 
FRA CORNU Jérémy07/08/199129911142025 
CAN DUCHESNE Antoine12/09/199141816797654
FRA GENE Yohann25/06/198166393391180  
FRA GRELLIER Fabien31/10/1994198810493143 
FRA GUILLEMOIS Romain28/03/1991--117838 
FRA HIVERT Jonathan23/03/1985405173140415 
FRA HUREL Tony01/11/198786463115939 
FRA JEANDESBOZ Fabrice04/12/198494653-- 
FRA MAITRE Florian03/09/19962878222177 Trainee as from 28/07
FRA MORICE Julien20/07/1991128328174515 
FRA NAULEAU Bryan17/03/198888061114440 
FRA ORCEAU Clément01/07/1995--26314 Trainee as from 28/07
FRA OURSELIN Paul13/04/1994171115158019 
FRA PETIT Adrien26/09/1990137406186328 
FRA PICHOT Alexandre06/01/198316461589061 
FRA QUEMENEUR Perrig26/04/19849305594956 
FRA SICARD Romain01/01/1988458156311224 
FRA TULIK Angelo02/12/1990101846100951 
FRA VOECKLER Thomas22/06/1979119451113041
  Number of riders: 26  

(A) Ranking at the beginning of 2017.
(B) Points at the beginning of 2017.
(C) Ranking at the end of 2017).
(D) Points at the end of 2017).

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