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IRI ARMOON Mehdi12/08/1989----  Contract from 1/05 until 1/08
IRI ASHKBOUS Ali04/05/1991176813--  Contract until 1/08
NED DE JONGE Maarten09/03/1985127826-- Contract until 30/04
UKR DUDNYK Vladislav30/04/1994----  Contract from 15/09 until 24/10
UKR DYUDYA Volodymyr06/01/198329831--  Contract until 14/09
CHN FU Qiang15/01/1997----  Contract from 2/08
BUL GEORGIEV Georgi Petrov03/08/198510524187761  Contract from 15/08
UKR GOMENYUK Volodymyr03/01/198530031--  Contract from 15/03
CHN JING Xinsun19/11/1993----  Contract until 1/08
CHN LIU Chuan27/10/1997----  Contract until 1/08
CHN LIU Jinchun11/02/1997----  Contract from 2/08
IRI MASHHADI TAFRESHI Saleh15/02/1987----  Contract from 1/05 until 1/08
CHN MENG Juntao08/05/1997----  Contract from 2/08
UKR MUSIIENKO Bogdan11/07/1997--27923  Contract from 2/08 until 24/10
IRI OLAMAEI Mahdi09/02/1987--24225  Contract from 1/05 until 14/09
RUS POPKOV Vitaly16/06/1983--27173  Contract from 22/08
CHN SHI Chao24/12/1993----  Contract from 15/03
CHN SHI Tao01/04/1992----  Contract from 15/03
UKR TESLER Artem12/10/19882451523386  
UKR TSVETKOV Artur22/09/198923126--  
UKR VASILYEV Maksym14/04/19908965587961  Contract from 25/10
CHN YANG Peng16/09/1996----  Contract from 2/08
CHN YU Baolong01/06/1988----  Contract until 1/08
CHN YU Jincheng16/06/1997----  Contract from 2/08
CHN YUAN Zilin05/03/1997----  Contract until 1/08
CHN ZHANG Yajun04/01/1997----  Contract until 1/08
  Number of riders: 26  

(A) Ranking at the beginning of 2016.
(B) Points at the beginning of 2016.
(C) Ranking at the end of 2016).
(D) Points at the end of 2016).

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