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      Rider   Date of birth   A   B   C   D           Comments
AUS BOLTON Jonathan03/08/1989---- 
AUS CALDER Logan07/02/1985----  Contract from 1/10
AUS COOPER Mitchell28/09/1993--141821  
AUS FITZGERALD Michael31/10/1988---- 
AUS LEONARD Matthew11/12/1991----  
AUS LINFIELD Bradley29/06/1994---- 
AUS MAWBY Jackson15/02/1995--27693 
NZL NAPIER Grayson28/08/1995---- 
AUS O'CONNOR Ben25/11/1995--148919 
AUS PENNELL Henry15/03/1996----  Contract from 1/10
AUS SELLAR Timothy24/04/1996---- Contract from 20/05
AUS STRACHAN Joel20/08/1981---- 
AUS SULZBERGER Wesley20/10/198697347-- 
AUS WALKER Kane26/12/1989----
AUS YATES Theodore28/02/1995--122030 
  Number of riders: 15  

(A) Ranking at the beginning of 2015.
(B) Points at the beginning of 2015.
(C) Ranking at the end of 2015).
(D) Points at the end of 2015).

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