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AUT BRADLEY Andrew14/07/1982--110539  
AUT DÜRAUER Norbert01/02/1986----  
AUT HACKL Patrick08/04/1985----  
CZE HERMAN Petr01/01/1974142422192811  
CZE HOMOLKA Adam12/02/19792236520739  
SLO JERSE Rok16/03/1981181111201310  
AUT KATZENSTEINER Hermann28/08/1968----  
AUT KNOPF Michael18/06/1980--20809  
AUT LAUSCHA Georg01/09/1987----  
AUT PAURITSCH Jürgen02/05/197721027111638  
SVK RISKA Martin18/05/197572481594106  
AUT SCHERZER Ralph27/10/1978----  
SLO SILAR Uros17/07/1978118733186012  
AUT TEDROS Robel07/01/1988----  
AUT WURNITSCH Wolfgang25/03/1981----  
  Number of riders: 15  

(A) Ranking at the beginning of 2007.
(B) Points at the beginning of 2007.
(C) Ranking at the end of 2007).
(D) Points at the end of 2007).

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