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      Rider   Date of birth   A   B   C   D           Comments
ITA ALBERATI Paolo13/04/1973--105722  Contract from 1/05 until 31/08
NZL ALLEN Jason17/08/1981138911--  Contract until 31/03
MDA BACIU Leonid06/08/1977----  Contract until 31/05
POL BLASZCZYK Tomasz30/11/1980----  
MDA BONCIUCOV Igor16/03/197310302418073  
ITA BORGHESI Fabio14/02/1980--14738  Contract from 1/09
NZL BURNDRED Geoffrey10/12/1980----  Contract until 31/03
ITA CANESCHI Leonardo17/05/1977----  Contract from 1/07
DEN DYRING Rasmus06/02/198016796--  Contract until 31/05
NZL ELDEN Steven16/10/1970----  
GER FARUHN Samuel09/03/19789552915926  Contract until 20/03
RUS GAYNITDINOV Dmitry19/06/1978339170--  Contract until 6/04
UKR GRETCHYN Sergiy09/06/1979----  
BLR KAVETZKI Pavel15/01/1975----  Contract until 28/05
AUT KOSCHAT Alfred27/11/1974----  Contract from 22/03
ESP LUCIA IBARRA Roger10/07/1973----  Contract until 28/05
BUL MARINOV Ivaylo25/10/1982----  
ESP MOMPARLER GUARDIOLA Pascual16/05/1982----  Contract from 29/06
BUL PETROV Pavlin16/07/1974----  
ITA QUERCIOLI Fabio05/11/1977----  Contract from 20/05 until 15/06
ITA RINALDINI Andrea14/06/1980----  Contract from 15/06 until 31/08
HUN ROHTMER Balazs14/04/197810172567562  Contract from 1/09
UKR RUSSU Vadym05/06/197817895--  Contract until 28/05
RUS SEMOV Dmitry30/06/197887835--  Contract from 6/04
ESP SORO GARCIA Miguel27/02/1976----  Contract from 1/03
BUL STOEV Stanislav28/02/1984----  
BUL STOYANOV Vaselin11/07/1977----  
ITA TACCONI Alberto09/09/1975----  
RUS TICHENKO Denis30/01/1980----  Contract until 23/03
UKR YAVORSKYY Sergiy14/08/1982----  Contract until 28/05
BEL ZELDERLOO Glen02/01/1980--14159  Contract until 16/05
  Number of riders: 31  

(A) Ranking at the beginning of 2003.
(B) Points at the beginning of 2003.
(C) Ranking at the end of 2003).
(D) Points at the end of 2003).

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