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      Rider   Date of birth   A   B   C   D           Comments
NED CORDES Tom30/05/196611411918652  
NED DUYN Huub01/09/1984---- 
NED HARMS Jos30/03/1984--19111 
NED HONIG Reinier28/10/1983---- 
NED HUTTEN Luuc12/02/198119423--  
NED KOEMAN Patrick13/06/1981----  
NED KWANTEN Frank16/04/1982----  
NED LOOS Coen28/08/1980--19231  
NED MEERKERKE Norman28/03/1984----  
NED OEGEMA Bart23/02/19831620716895  
NED SLAGER Stefan19/03/1977----  
NED STEENBERGEN Kor06/01/1983----  
NED TERPSTRA Niki18/05/1984---- Contract from 28/06
NED VAN DER BURG Germ09/11/197710472316405 
NED VAN DER PLUIJM Marvin11/01/197914141090732  
NED VAN DER PLUIJM Robin16/10/1981----  
NED VAN DUUREN Aloys03/07/1983----  
NED VAN GULIK Fulco01/08/1979--116116  
NZL ZYLMANS Ruud07/03/1966----  Contract from 6/04
  Number of riders: 19  

(A) Ranking at the beginning of 2003.
(B) Points at the beginning of 2003.
(C) Ranking at the end of 2003).
(D) Points at the end of 2003).

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