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  Date   Cat.       Rank   Race   CQ  
2010 ISD Continental Team
 23/10/20101.2Chn 18Tour of Taihu0 
 18/10/20102.HCsChn DNFTour of Hainan, Stage 8 : Danzhou - Dongfang0 
 3/10/2010WCRRAus 67World Championships (Melbourne - Geelong) R.R.10 
 19/09/20102.2Chn 15Tour of China0 
 15/08/20101.2Pol 4Coupe des Carpathes / Puchar Uzdrowisk Karpackich7 
 14/08/20101.2Pol 20Memorial Henryka Lasaka0 
 8/08/20102.2Fra 8Tour des Pyrénées / Vuelta a los Pirineos3 
 7/08/20102.2sEsp 1Tour des Pyrénées / Vuelta a los Pirineos, Stage 3 : Lannemezan (Fra) - Boltaña4 
 1/08/20101.1Fra 41Polynormande0 
 25/07/20102.2Rou 4Tour of Szeklerland12 
 25/07/20102.2sRou 3Tour of Szeklerland, Stage 4b : Miercurea Ciuc - Miercurea Ciuc1 
 25/07/20102.2sRou 1Tour of Szeklerland, Stage 4a : Csiba - Harghita-Bai I.T.T.4 
 24/07/20102.2sRou 1Tour of Szeklerland, Stage 3 : Miercurea Ciuc - Miercurea Ciuc4 
 22/07/20102.2sRou 8Tour of Szeklerland, Stage 1 : Lunca de Jos - Pasul Pongrácz0 
 4/07/20102.1Pol 8Course de Solidarnosc et des Champions Olympiques33 
 3/07/20102.1sPol 11Course de Solidarnosc et des Champions Olympiques, Stage 5 : Jaslo - Krosno0 
 27/06/2010NC3Ukr 3National Championships Ukraine (Sebastopol) R.R.26 
 25/06/2010NCT3Ukr 14National Championships Ukraine (Sebastopol) I.T.T.0 
 6/06/20102.2Nor 17Ringerike GP0 
 16/05/20102.2Lux 16Flèche du Sud0 
 3/05/20101.2Rus 8GP of Moscow3 
 1/05/20101.2Rus 15Mayor Cup0 
 25/04/20102.2Rus 2GP Adygeya19 
 24/04/20102.2sRus 3GP Adygeya, Stage 3 : Maykop - Maykop1 
 22/04/20102.2sRus 1GP Adygeya, Stage 1 : Maykop - Koshekhabl4 
 18/04/20101.2Ukr 7GP Donetsk4 
 7/03/20102.1sBel DNFDriedaagse van West-Vlaanderen, Stage 3 : Middelkerke - Ichtegem0 
  Total 2010: 135  

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