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  Date   Cat.       Rank   Race   CQ  
2007 Elite-2
 1/07/2007NC3Swe 7National Championships Sweden (Uppsala) R.R.11 
 28/06/2007NCT3Swe 5National Championships Sweden (Uppsala) I.T.T.7 
  Total 2007: 18  
2006 Unibet.com
 21/06/2006NCT3Swe 7National Championships Sweden (Sollerön) I.T.T.4 
  Total 2006: 4  
2004 Team Bianchi Nordic
 13/08/20041.5Pol 6Coupe des Carpathes / Puchar Uzdrowisk Karpackich5 
 8/08/20041.5Swe 5Scandinavian Open Road Race6 
 1/08/20041.5Den 4Fyn Rundt7 
 4/07/20042.3Pol 6Course de Solidarnosc et des Champions Olympiques45 
 27/06/2004NC3Swe 1National Championships Sweden (Sollerön) R.R.60 
 23/06/2004NCT3Swe 2National Championships Sweden (Sollerön) I.T.T.18 
 20/03/20041.5Fra 1Paris - Barentin - Yvetot15 
  Total 2004: 156  
2003 Team Bianchi Scandinavia
 12/07/20032.3Cze 3Ytong Bohemia Tour60 
 26/06/2003NCT3Swe 5National Championships Sweden (Sunne) I.T.T.11 
  Total 2003: 71  
2002 Team Crescent
 14/07/20022.5Cze 8Bohemia Tour9 
  Total 2002: 9  
2001 Team Crescent
 23/09/20011.5Fra 8Duo Normand1 
 12/08/20011.5Swe 1Scandinavian Open Road Race15 
 28/06/2001NCT3Swe 7National Championships Sweden (Kopparberg) I.T.T.8 
  Total 2001: 24  
2000 Team Crescent
 28/06/2000NCT3Swe 2National Championships Sweden (Sollerön) I.T.T.18 
  Total 2000: 18  
  Overall total: 300  

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