MRI MAYER Alexandre
  29/04/1998 UCI ID: 10010844378  
  Saint Piran
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  Date   Cat.       Rank   Race   CQ  
2024 Saint Piran (Contract from 9/04)
 16/03/2024XXGha 1African Games (Accra) Mixed Relay T.T.T.0 
 14/03/2024XXGha 3African Games (Accra) T.T.T.0 
 10/03/2024XXGha 1African Games (Accra) R.R.40 
 25/02/20242.1Rwa 63Tour du Rwanda0 
 24/02/20242.1sRwa 17Tour du Rwanda, Stage 7 : Rukomo - Kayonza0 
  Total 2024: 40  
2023 Elite-2
 11/08/2023WCTTGbr DNFWorld Championships (Stirling) I.T.T.0 
 8/08/2023WCTTGbr 16World Championships (Glasgow) Mixed Relay T.T.T.5 
 18/06/2023NC5Mri 3National Championships Mauritius (Côte d'Or) R.R.7 
 17/06/2023NCT5Mri 2National Championships Mauritius (Côte d'Or) I.T.T.4 
 11/06/20231.2Mri 7Courts Mamouth Classique de l'Ile Maurice4 
 9/06/20232.2Mri 14Tour de Maurice1 
 7/06/20232.2sMri 3Tour de Maurice, Stage 2 : Ferney - Shandrani Road T.T.T.0 
 6/06/20232.2sMri 6Tour de Maurice, Stage 1 : Beau Plan - Cote d'Or0 
 13/02/2023CC2Gha 12African Cycling Championships (Accra) R.R.0 
 10/02/2023CCT2Gha 1African Cycling Championships (Accra) Mixed Relay T.T.T.5 
 9/02/2023CCT2Gha 7African Cycling Championships (Accra) I.T.T.4 
 8/02/2023CCT2Gha 5African Cycling Championships (Accra) T.T.T.1 
 29/01/20232.1Gab 20La Tropicale Amissa Bongo5 
 29/01/20232.1sGab 11La Tropicale Amissa Bongo, Stage 7 : Cap Esterias - Libreville0 
 27/01/20232.1sGab 19La Tropicale Amissa Bongo, Stage 5 : Kango - Angondje0 
 26/01/20232.1sGab 10La Tropicale Amissa Bongo, Stage 4 : Mouila - Lambarene0 
 25/01/20232.1sGab 8La Tropicale Amissa Bongo, Stage 3 : Lebamba - Mouila0 
 24/01/20232.1sGab 12La Tropicale Amissa Bongo, Stage 2 : Oyem - Mitzic0 
 23/01/20232.1sGab 14La Tropicale Amissa Bongo, Stage 1 : Bitam - Oyem0 
  Total 2023: 36  
2022 Elite-2
 7/08/2022XXGbr 19Commonwealth Games (Warwick) R.R.0 
 4/08/2022XXGbr 34Commonwealth Games (Wolverhampton) I.T.T.0 
 25/06/2022NC5Mri 1National Championships Mauritius (Soreze) R.R.15 
 18/06/2022NCT5Mri 2National Championships Mauritius (Côte d’Or) I.T.T.4 
 27/03/2022CC2Egy 20African Cycling Championships (Sharm El-Sheik) R.R.0 
 25/03/2022CCT2Egy 1African Cycling Championships (Sharm El-Sheik) Mixed Relay T.T.T.5 
 24/03/2022CCT2Egy 7African Cycling Championships (Sharm El-Sheik) I.T.T.4 
 23/03/2022CCT2Egy 5African Cycling Championships (Sharm El-Sheik) T.T.T.1 
  Total 2022: 29  
2021 Elite-2
 29/08/2021NCT5Mri 3National Championships Mauritius (Côte d’Or) I.T.T.2 
 22/08/2021NC5Mri 1National Championships Mauritius (Soreze) R.R.15 
  Total 2021: 17  
2020 Elite-2
 23/08/2020NC5Mri 1National Championships Mauritius (Port Louis) R.R.15 
  Total 2020: 15  
2019 Elite-2
 8/03/20192.2Rsa 13Tour of Good Hope1 
 5/03/20192.2sRsa 6Tour of Good Hope, Stage 2 : Paarl - Paarl0 
 4/03/20192.2sRsa 7Tour of Good Hope, Stage 1 : Paarl - Paarl0 
 24/02/2019NCT5Mri 3National Championships Mauritius (Côte d’Or) I.T.T.2 
 9/02/20192.NCCmr 15Tour de l'Espoir1 
 5/02/20192.NCsCmr 10Tour de l'Espoir, Stage 2 : Douala - Douala0 
 27/01/20192.1Gab 27Tropicale Amissa Bongo3 
 27/01/20192.1sGab 11Tropicale Amissa Bongo, Stage 7 : Nkok - Libreville0 
 25/01/20192.1sGab 10Tropicale Amissa Bongo, Stage 5 : Bitam - Mongomo (GNQ)0 
 22/01/20192.1sGab 9Tropicale Amissa Bongo, Stage 2 : Franceville - Okondja0 
  Total 2019: 7  
2018 Elite-2
 26/04/20182.2Rsa 8Tour de Limpopo5 
 25/04/20182.2sRsa 3Tour de Limpopo, Stage 3 : Tzaneen - Tzaneen T.T.T.0 
 24/04/20182.2sRsa 7Tour de Limpopo, Stage 2 : Tzaneen - Tzaneen0 
 14/04/2018XXAus 49Commonwealth Games (Currumbin) R.R.0 
 10/04/2018XXAus 30Commonwealth Games (Currumbin) I.T.T.0 
 18/02/2018CC2Rwa 24African Cycling Championships (Kigali) R.R.0 
 15/02/2018CCT2Rwa 12African Cycling Championships (Kigali) I.T.T.0 
 14/02/2018CCT2Rwa 6African Cycling Championships (Kigali) T.T.T.1 
 4/02/20182.NCsCmr 5Tour de l'Espoir, Stage 4 : Akono - Yaoundé0 
 3/02/20182.NCsCmr 6Tour de l'Espoir, Stage 3 : Yaoundé - Yaoundé0 
  Total 2018: 6  
2017 Elite-2
 25/06/2017NC5Mri 3National Championships Mauritius (Curepipe) R.R.7 
 17/06/2017NCT5Mri 5National Championships Mauritius (Valentina) I.T.T.0 
  Total 2017: 7  
  Overall total: 157  

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