KAZ ULYSBAYEV Dinmukhammed
  21/07/1998 UCI ID: 10015080450  

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  Date   Cat.       Rank   Race   CQ  
2021 Almaty Cycling Team (Contract from 30/04)
 17/07/20211.2Tur 16GP Velo Erciyes0 
 3/07/20211.2Tur 19Germenica GP0 
 19/06/2021NC3Kaz 29National Championships Kazakhstan (Petropavlosk) R.R.0 
 16/06/2021NCT3Kaz 17National Championships Kazakhstan (Petropavlovsk) I.T.T.0 
  Total 2021: 0  
2020 Vino - Astana Motors
 23/02/20202.1Tur 16Tour of Antalya9 
  Total 2020: 9  
2019 Astana City
 29/09/20192.2Tur 15Tour of Mevlana1 
 29/09/20192.2sTur 8Tour of Mevlana, Stage 3 : Konya - Konya0 
 1/09/20192.1Kaz 47Tour of Almaty0 
 30/06/2019NC4Kaz 10National Championships Kazakhstan (Shchuchinsk) R.R.1 
 23/06/20192.2UIta 14Giro Ciclistico d'Italia1 
 12/05/20192.2Pol 14CCC Tour - Grody Piastowskie1 
 4/05/20191.NCFra 11L'Etoile d'Or2 
 10/03/20191.2Tur 20GP Justiniano Hotels0 
  Total 2019: 6  
2018 Astana City
 1/07/2018NC3Kaz 15National Championships Kazakhstan (Almaty) R.R.1 
 3/06/20182.NCCze 18Course de la Paix U23 - GP Priessnitz Spa0 
 20/05/20182.2Pol 17Baltyk - Karkonosze Tour0 
 22/04/20182.2Tur 18Tour of Mersin0 
  Total 2018: 1  
2017 Astana City
 22/09/2017WCUNor 112World Championships U23 (Bergen) R.R.0 
 3/09/20172.2Cze 14Tour of South Bohemia1 
 13/08/20172.1Cze 34Czech Cycling Tour0 
 25/06/2017NC3Kaz 26National Championships Kazakhstan (Almaty) R.R.0 
 4/06/20172.NCsCze 1Course de la Paix U23 - GP Priessnitz Spa, Stage 3 : Jesenik - Jesenik/Priessnitz Spa8 
 21/05/20172.2Pol 7Baltyk - Karkonosze Tour6 
 21/05/20172.2sPol 7Baltyk - Karkonosze Tour, Stage 5 : Kowary - Przelecz Okraj I.T.T.0 
 7/05/20172.2Pol 5CCC Tour - Grody Piastowskie9 
 6/05/20172.2sPol 5CCC Tour - Grody Piastowskie, Stage 2 : Dzierzoniow - Srebrna Gora (Twierdza)0 
  Total 2017: 24  
  Overall total: 40  

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