SVK CULLY Jan Andrej
  09/12/1995 UCI ID: 10011240462  
  Dukla Banska Bystrica
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  Date   Cat.       Rank   Race   CQ  
2019 Dukla Banska Bystrica
 17/11/20192.2Sen 7Tour du Sénégal6 
 16/11/20192.2sSen 1Tour du Sénégal, Stage 6 : Saint-Louis - Pire Goureye4 
 11/11/20192.2sSen 1Tour du Sénégal, Stage 2 : Ziguinchor - Kolda4 
 20/10/20192.2Cmr 13GP Chantal Biya1 
 25/09/2019WCTTGbr 46World Championships (Harrogate) I.T.T.5 
 6/09/20191.2Tur 9GP Velo Erciyes2 
 2/08/20192.2sSrb 1Tour de Serbia, Stage 4 : Mionica - Pozarevac4 
 20/07/20191.2Hun 8V4 Special Series Debrecen - Nyiregyhaza3 
 7/07/20192.2Bul 5In the footsteps of the Romans9 
 7/07/20192.2sBul 1In the footsteps of the Romans, Stage 2 : Banya - Bansko4 
 30/06/2019NC3Svk 10National Championships Slovakia (Trnava) R.R.6 
 27/06/2019NCT3Svk 1National Championships Slovakia (Trnava) I.T.T.30 
 12/05/20191.2Svk 10Visegrad 4 Bicycle Race - GP Slovakia1 
  Total 2019: 79  

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