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  Sofer - Savini Due - OMZ
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  Date   Cat.       Rank   Race   CQ  
2020 Giotti Victoria
 13/09/20202.2Rou 7Turul al Romaniei / Romanian Tour6 
 12/09/20202.2sRou 4Turul al Romaniei / Romanian Tour, Stage 4 : Brasov - Curtea de Arges0 
 11/09/20202.2sRou 10Turul al Romaniei / Romanian Tour, Stage 3 : Targu Mures - Lacul Sfanta Ana0 
 10/09/20202.2sRou 8Turul al Romaniei / Romanian Tour, Stage 2 : Oradea - Napoca0 
 8/09/20202.2sRou 9Turul al Romaniei / Romanian Tour, Prologue : Timisoara0 
 2/09/20202.1Hun 61Tour of Hungary0 
 26/08/2020CC1Fra 74European Championships (Plouay) R.R.0 
 24/08/2020CCT1Fra 25European Championships (Plouay) I.T.T.0 
 16/08/2020NC4Rou 4National Championships Romania (Deva) R.R.12 
 14/08/2020NCT4Rou 2National Championships Romania (Branisca) I.T.T.10 
 8/08/20202.2Rou 4Tour of Szeklerland11 
 8/08/20202.2sRou 3Tour of Szeklerland, Stage 3a: Vlahita Pass I.T.T.1 
 7/08/20202.2sRou 2Tour of Szeklerland, Stage 2 : Miercurea Ciuc - Miercurea Ciuc2 
 26/07/20202.1Rou 71Sibiu Cycling Tour0 
 26/07/20202.1sRou 13Sibiu Cycling Tour, Stage 3a : Curmatura Stezii - Arena Platos I.T.T.0 
 23/02/20202.1Tur 51Tour of Antalya0 
  Total 2020: 42  

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