NOR LØVIK Aasmund Romstad
  01/05/1989 UCI ID: 10019636117  
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  Date   Cat.       Rank   Race   CQ  
2017 Team
 17/09/2017WCTTNor 16World Championships (Bergen) T.T.T.6 
 13/08/20172.HCNor 77Arctic Race of Norway0 
 25/06/2017NC2Nor 45National Championships Norway (Stjørdal) R.R.0 
 22/06/2017NCT2Nor 24National Championships Norway (Kattem) I.T.T.0 
 28/05/20172.1Nor 35Tour des Fjords0 
 27/05/20172.1sNor 19Tour des Fjords, Stage 4 : Stavanger - Sandnes0 
 21/05/20172.HCNor 15Tour of Norway22 
 19/05/20172.HCsNor 18Tour of Norway, Stage 3 : Hamar - Lillehammer0 
 6/05/20171.2Nor 13Sundvolden GP0 
 12/03/20172.2Gre 2Tour of Rhodes18 
 10/03/20172.2sGre 2Tour of Rhodes, Stage 1 : Rhodos - Rhodos2 
  Total 2017: 48  
2016 Team
 4/09/20162.1Nor 16Tour des Fjords9 
 3/07/20162.2Hun 10Tour of Hungary3 
 3/07/20162.2sHun 7Tour of Hungary, Stage 5 : Gyöngyös - Budapest0 
 2/07/20162.2sHun 7Tour of Hungary, Stage 4 : Karcag - Kekestetö0 
 26/06/2016NC2Nor 19National Championships Norway (Bodø) R.R.5 
 22/05/20162.HCNor 21Tour of Norway10 
 14/05/20161.2Swe 9Scandinavian Race Uppsala2 
 7/05/20161.2Nor 3Sundvolden GP8 
  Total 2016: 37  
2015 Team
 20/05/20152.HCsNor DNFTour of Norway, Stage 1 : Aarnes - Sarpsborg0 
 9/05/20151.2Nor 20Hadeland GP0 
  Total 2015: 0  
2014 Motiv3 Pro Cycling Team (Contract until 31/07)
 29/06/2014NC3Nor 7National Championships Norway (Eidsvoll) R.R.12 
 1/06/20142.1Nor 64Tour des Fjords0 
 11/05/20141.2Nor 12Ringerike GP0 
 10/05/20141.2Nor 5Hadeland GP6 
 16/03/20142.2Cro 20Istarsko proljece - Istrian Spring Trophy0 
  Total 2014: 18  
2013 Elite-2
 18/08/20132.1Nor 75Tour des Fjords0 
 23/06/2013NC3Nor 17National Championships Norway (Grimstad) R.R.0 
 5/05/20131.2Nor 10Ringerike GP1 
  Total 2013: 1  
  Overall total: 104  

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