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  Date   Cat.       Rank   Race   CQ  
2016 Kolss - BDC Team
 3/07/20162.2Hun 15Tour of Hungary1 
 23/06/2016NCT3Ukr 2National Championships Ukraine (Bukovel) I.T.T.18 
  Total 2016: 19  
2015 Kyiv Capital Racing
 28/10/20152.HCChn 24Tour of Hainan7 
 23/08/20152.2Est 12Baltic Chain Tour2 
 26/06/2015NCT3Ukr 2National Championships Ukraine (Bohuslav) I.T.T.18 
 7/06/20151.2Ukr 1GP ISD15 
 6/06/20151.2Ukr 3GP Vinnytsia8 
 29/05/20151.2Ukr 6Horizon Park Race for Peace5 
 9/05/20152.2Rus 2Five Rings of Moscow18 
 8/05/20152.2sRus 2Five Rings of Moscow, Stage 3 : Moskva - Moskva2 
 19/04/20152.2Rus 14GP Adygeya1 
  Total 2015: 76  
2014 Kolss Cycling Team (Contract from 5/06)
 28/09/2014WCRREsp 93World Championships (Ponferrada) R.R.10 
 19/07/20142.HCChn 38Tour of Qinghai Lake5 
 29/06/2014NC3Ukr 4National Championships Ukraine (Bila Tserkva) R.R.24 
 22/06/20142.1Iri 7Tour of Iran Azarbaijan40 
  Total 2014: 79  
2013 Kolss Cycling Team
 22/09/2013WCTTIta 28World Championships (Montecatini Terme - Firenze) T.T.T.5 
 5/09/20132.2Bul 11Tour of Bulgaria2 
 6/07/20132.2Rou 7Turul al Romaniei / Romanian Tour6 
 30/06/20132.2sRou 1Turul al Romaniei / Romanian Tour, Stage 1 : Marghita T.T.T.1 
 23/06/2013NC4Ukr 9National Championships Ukraine (Feodosiya) R.R.2 
 9/05/20132.2Rus 8Five Rings of Moscow5 
 2/05/20131.2Rus 2Memorial Oleg Dyachenko10 
 21/04/20132.2Rus 1GP Adygeya25 
 20/04/20132.2sRus leaderGP Adygeya, Stage 4 : Maikop - Guzeripl2 
 20/04/20132.2sRus 2GP Adygeya, Stage 4 : Maikop - Guzeripl2 
 7/04/20132.2Rus 13GP Sochi1 
  Total 2013: 61  
2012 Kolss Cycling Team
 6/07/20122.2sRou 1Sibiu Cycling Tour, Stage 2 : Cisnadie - Sibiu T.T.T.1 
 22/04/20122.2Rus 6GP Adygeya7 
  Total 2012: 8  
2011 Kolss Cycling Team (Contract from 1/06)
 26/06/2011NC3Ukr 9National Championships Ukraine (Chernivtsi) R.R.7 
 7/06/20112.2sSvk 3Tour de Slovaquie, Stage 4 : Liptovsky Mikulas - Liptovsky Mikulas1 
 17/04/20111.2Ukr 8GP Donetsk3 
  Total 2011: 11  
  Overall total: 254  

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