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  Date   Cat.       Rank   Race   CQ  
2008 Toyota - United Pro Cycling Team
 14/09/20082.1Usa 35Tour of Missouri0 
 10/09/20082.1sUsa 17Tour of Missouri, Stage 3 : Branson I.T.T.0 
 31/08/2008NC2Usa 30National Championships United States (Greenville) R.R.0 
 8/06/20081.HCUsa 40Commerce Bank Philadelphia International Championship0 
 3/06/20081.1Usa 60Commerce Bank Lehigh Valley Classic0 
  Total 2008: 0  
2007 Toyota - United Pro Cycling Team
 16/09/20072.1Usa 26Tour of Missouri0 
 13/09/20072.1sUsa 17Tour of Missouri, Stage 3 : Branson I.T.T.0 
 2/09/2007NC2Usa 20National Championships United States (Greenville) R.R.5 
 10/06/20071.HCUsa 31Commerce Bank International Championship0 
 7/06/20071.1Usa 16Commerce Bank Reading Classic5 
 3/06/20071.1Usa 63Commerce Bank Lancaster Classic0 
 22/04/20072.HCUsa 96Tour de Georgia0 
 25/02/20072.HCUsa 77Tour of California0 
  Total 2007: 10  
2006 Toyota - United Pro Cycling Team (Contract from 1/06)
 3/09/2006NC1Usa 5National Championships United States (Greenville) R.R.56 
 1/09/2006NCT1Usa 9National Championships United States (Greenville) I.T.T.15 
 11/06/20061.HCUsa 23Wachovia Cycling Series - Philadelphia5 
 8/06/20061.1Usa 8Reading Classic20 
  Total 2006: 96  
2005 Health Net presented by Maxxis
 4/09/20051.HCUsa 18Barclays Global Investors / San Francisco GP7 
 21/06/2005NCT1Usa 5National Championships United States (Park City) I.T.T.27 
 5/06/20051.HCUsa 1Wachovia USPRO Championships140 
 31/05/20051.1Usa 13Wachovia Invitational5 
 16/04/20052.2Usa 11Sea Otter Classic0 
 15/04/20052.2sUsa leaderSea Otter Classic, Stage 1 : Laguna Seca Circuit2 
 15/04/20052.2sUsa 2Sea Otter Classic, Stage 1 : Laguna Seca Circuit0 
 14/04/20052.2sUsa 2Sea Otter Classic, Prologue : Laguna Seca I.T.T.0 
 3/04/20052.2Usa 1Redlands Classic25 
 2/04/20052.2sUsa leaderRedlands Classic, Stage 2 : Redlands - Redlands2 
 1/04/20052.2sUsa leaderRedlands Classic, Stage 1 : Redlands - Oak Glen2 
 1/04/20052.2sUsa 2Redlands Classic, Stage 1 : Redlands - Oak Glen0 
 31/03/20052.2sUsa leaderRedlands Classic, Prologue : Mount Rubidoux I.T.T.2 
 31/03/20052.2sUsa 1Redlands Classic, Prologue : Mount Rubidoux I.T.T.4 
  Total 2005: 216  
2004 Health Net Pro Cycling Team presented by Maxxis
 12/09/20041.3Usa 30T-Mobile International / San Francisco GP0 
 17/06/2004NCT2Usa 6National Championships United States (Redlands) I.T.T.14 
 6/06/20041.2Usa 17Wachovia USPRO Championships5 
  Total 2004: 19  
2003 Navigators Insurance Cycling Team
 16/04/20031.1Bel 84Scheldeprijs Vlaanderen0 
  Total 2003: 0  
2002 Mercury Cycling Team
 18/08/20021.3Usa 15USPRO Criterium Championship0 
 9/06/20021.2Usa 13First Union USPRO Championships5 
 4/06/20021.3Usa 2First Union Invitational - Lancaster36 
  Total 2002: 41  
2001 Mercury - Viatel
 9/09/20011.4Usa 9BMC San Francisco GP8 
 1/09/20012.1Ned 12Ronde van Nederland30 
 1/09/20012.1sNed 17Ronde van Nederland, Stage 5 : Blerick - Landgraaf0 
 30/08/20012.1sNed 10Ronde van Nederland, Stage 3b : Nordhorn - Denekamp I.T.T.0 
 24/08/20012.3Fra 5Tour du Limousin50 
 24/08/20012.3sFra 2Tour du Limousin, Stage 4 : La Souterraine - Limoges0 
 22/08/20012.3sFra 7Tour du Limousin, Stage 2 : Saint-Just-le-Martel - Ussel0 
 19/08/20011.4Usa 15USPRO Criterium Championship0 
 18/06/20012.4sCan 3GP de Beauce, Stage 1 : Plaines d'Abraham - Plaines d'Abraham T.T.T.0 
 13/05/20012.HCSui 96Tour de Romandie0 
 18/03/20012.4Usa 9Redlands Classic24 
 15/03/20012.4sUsa 4Redlands Classic, Stage 2 : Highland - Highland I.T.T.0 
 18/02/20012.3Mas 3Tour de Langkawi60 
 16/02/20012.3sMas 3Tour de Langkawi, Stage 10 : Shah Alam - Shah Alam I.T.T.0 
 15/02/20012.3sMas 4Tour de Langkawi, Stage 9 : Tapah - Genting Highlands0 
 14/02/20012.3sMas 4Tour de Langkawi, Stage 8 : Kuala Kubu Baru - Tanah Rata (Cameron Highlands)0 
  Total 2001: 172  
2000 Saturn Cycling Team
 1/05/20002.5Nor 3Ringerike GP15 
 1/05/20002.5sNor 5Ringerike GP, Stage 5 : Hønefoss - Hønefoss0 
 30/04/20002.5sNor 4Ringerike GP, Stage 4 : Hønefoss - Hønefoss0 
 29/04/20002.5sNor 2Ringerike GP, Stage 3 : Hønefoss - Ringkollen0 
 23/04/20001.5Ger 20Rund um Düren0 
 6/02/20002.4Mas 9Tour de Langkawi24 
 26/01/20002.4sMas 5Tour de Langkawi, Stage 1 : Langkawi - Langkawi I.T.T.0 
  Total 2000: 39  
1999 Saturn Cycling Team
 28/06/1999NCT2Usa 3National Championships United States I.T.T.20 
 6/06/19991.2Usa 22First Union USPRO Championships0 
 23/05/19992.4Jpn 4Tour of Japan44 
 22/05/19992.4sJpn 10Tour of Japan, Stage 5 : Utsunomiya Circuit0 
 19/05/19992.4sJpn 6Tour of Japan, Stage 3 : Shuzenji Circuit0 
 17/05/19992.4sJpn 2Tour of Japan, Stage 2 : Nara Circuit0 
 20/03/19992.5Usa 6Sea Otter Classic11 
 7/03/19992.5Mex 8Ruta Mexico9 
 6/03/19992.5sMex 4Ruta Mexico, Stage 11 : Chalco - Tiaxcala0 
 24/02/19992.5sMex 4Ruta Mexico, Stage 1b : San Luis Potosi - San Luis Potosi I.T.T.0 
  Total 1999: 84  
  Overall total: 677  

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